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Sprkinthedrk Aug 2018
The world is so sad sometimes i don’t want to dip my toe in no matter how badly i want to swim. I feel that even though i know how to swim i will drown under the weight of all of the bad people and things. I pray one day someone will find a way to make the water more clear and the waves gentler.
Sprkinthedrk Jul 2018
i let you put me through more sadness
than you could every know
yet i still let myself cling
to you
Sprkinthedrk Jun 2018
I think the movies have it wrong
We love because it feels good
But it never fixes everything
-How much love has been lost because of this expectation?
Sprkinthedrk Jun 2018
i want to be a universe in a body but i feel like i’ll always just be another body in this universe.
Sprkinthedrk Jun 2018
with every night i crave you a little more
every night i go without your touch
calming me down when i’m worried
every night i go without your eyes
focused somehow only on me
every night i go without your voice
whispering to me your sweet words
every night i crave simply to be near you
and every night is another twenty four hours without you
Sprkinthedrk May 2018
i walk through the isle
and pick up every color that i like
the glass cold in my hands
smooth under my fingertips
clean before my fingerprints
picking up each piece
not even bothering to be careful of the jagged edges
blood reds
sky blues
pale greens
golden yellows
i cradle each as they represent my past
place them gently in my basket and move on
i take them home
i place them on the floor
and play
which goes where
this goes here
until my mosaic is complete
it must be perfect
for this will eternally represent me
what holds the glass together
representing all that holds me together
in all my experiences
and colorful pieces
Sprkinthedrk May 2018
it was your favorite drink
i drank until i was sick
i spat it in the pool
and took another sip
it was your favorite songs
so i enjoyed them to
i’d listen on repeat
to only a few
it was my favorite book
i don’t really know why
i guess when i was gone
i didn’t need to cry
it was my favorite trip
even though i didn’t want to go
the sun set that day
was the most beautiful
i had to talk to you
every chance i could
i didn’t feel like walking
like i had before
i had to sit and soak
in all of the new world
and when i had to leave
i left part of my heart
it’s been two years now
i take another sip
i look up at the sky
and i remember all of it
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