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JC Oct 2018
The weight of your burdens were to heavy for my shoulders to carry.
I know you never asked me to carry them but you knew that's what I do.
You knew that I take on the burdens of others
the pain of others.
You knew my heart was on my sleeve, my mind pretty **** naive, and my arms wide open and welcoming.
You knew I'd carry yours whether you asked me to or not.
You knew.
It's still all of my fault for trying and failing
but you knew.
JC Apr 2018
The night sky symbolizes me.
In even the darkest of my days, the constellations of hope, unexplainable joy, and immeasurable love shine.
Outlining as a reminder, of what is meaningful and still matters when the sun is no longer shining.
JC Apr 2018
It's not enough to say I like my space
I love it.
I need it.
Trying to decide if I'm becoming withdrawn, or if I really just want space.
JC Apr 2018
Somebody break my heart so I have something to write about.
I'm a better writer when I'm sad for some reason.
JC Apr 2018
I've been learning that just because I bend over backward and go out of my way constantly for others, doesn't mean they'll do the same for me. Truth is I was okay with no one going out of their own way for me. I tend to be the type to "do it all" and blame myself for any less than great outcomes. However now it matters to me because I ask for help and all of the sudden nobody can be found.
JC Nov 2017
Understand that I let you, let me go.
JC Nov 2017
The passenger seat isn't the same anymore right?
You kiss her hand and imagine it's my mine.
She doesn't say things randomly
"I wish I could fly".
She doesn't admire you with the same eyes.
My love is pure
My intentions are real
Do you put a hand on her thigh
Look her in her eye
And tell her how incredible she is?
Do you take her face softly in your hands, stroke her cheek, and tell her she's

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