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Aug 2017
If I had a penny for every sad person that I greet.
If I had a match for all the singles that I meet.
If I had the time for all the tired people on the street.
If I had the food for the people that don't eat.

If I had the courage to make them wait till you we're seated.
If only I had known you before you we're depleted.
If only I knew why you seem so defeated.
If only I could have stopped before you became heated.

If only love was enough to conquer the hate.
If only we had known we we're running late.
If only we weren't so determined in fate.
If only they hadn't cut themselves on the gate.

If only we try every day that we live.
If only we would give all that is good to give.
If only we didn't have to forgive.
If we only have the kindness not to misgive.
Madeline Clow
Written by
Madeline Clow
   Ryan Holden
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