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Jun 2012
A word should be said not, for we are here,
In an age of greatness and of supreme tier.
And now do I need not to hold my sacred pen,
For in other means can my words and gen,
Spill upon the page whose words instantly appear,
By the aid of a mere keyboard can my thoughts then share,
The eventful happenings of both todayโ€™s and yesternightโ€™s,
For in telling will only consume a mere several bytes.

Words said not between neither friend nor foe,
Would I easily just send my hideous thoughts I owe.
Through the air can indeed thoughts then fly,
And watch as it triffles and wiffles about the sky.
Oh, how great is it, that we can truly speak,
Without speech itself, for such speech is bleak.

Oh, had they told me that the new will progress,
The lifestyles of these individuals that are blessed,
By the great inventions that will change the world,
To a place of greater connection and words unfurled.
Ah, yes I see it now, that these individuals walk alone,
And speak nothing to those around,for they live in zone,
Allowing these elitists to speak without speech,
And has then, a greater bound, can we then reach.

Have we greatened ourselves with single inventions,
That have broken the bonds between the dimensions,
Of conversation and speech and of in life scene,
And replaced it by a mere vision upon a screen.
And how we lack the connections to the world aโ€™near,
Ignoring the proximity as we walk with plugs in the ear...
A poem on the cons of technology.
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
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