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Jul 2017
Crystal ***** and saline
drifts away like microscopic mind beams
I stand before you
Symbolic and damaged dreams
Chasing cars, bars and lipsticked floosies
in a red light district back alley fling
But, hey
How do I see beyond this chaotic in fluid scene?

My footprints left in wet cement,
Stained with calloused bottoms while wondering in a state of casual descent.
I stopped and stared in the ***** puddles,
seeing my own reflection as it stared back at me with a few ***** secrets and absolutely no regrets

Time stopped on the crooked clock, smiles depleted over broken plates and a saline drip drops
I wonder, I wonder, as heartbeats pounds harder,
But oh how I just ponder. Ponder until the crystal ballΒ Β fractures and mentally I flounder.

The theater lights are on, flares of the night beckon my calling
Mystic Gypsies speak in tongue in tents around dampened spirits falling
Tamberines and junkies dance in unison,
Just stop and listen to the balling

Looking through the flowing tears with one last vision and plastic souverniers
I begin to think of simple things, many a far but too many near
The strangers of war start to follow me down the distorted paths of common torture
Only left with a broken crystal ball and saline drops in the distant future
Silence Screamz
Written by
Silence Screamz  In Silence ..
(In Silence ..)   
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