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Jul 2017
A certain ray of light pieced through the blue day
As if to ruin the bubble it bears.
In the dazzle of the day a bloke felt moody;
Trapped in the maze of his voiceless mind
As he walked oblivious of passion to his prison
Yet prepared he was not for the finery he was yet to see.
A chill crept through his Snaky spine:
When his fell eyes fell to the gravity of the being descending-
The Murky dusty Creamy Stairs
A goddess! regaling in fiercely flowery gown
Embracing her Sculptured Succulent frame.
She met his eyes with the force of a stray beam of light.
A thud was heard as his heart exploded down his bowel.
Her presence decorated the air stylishly with a musk of femininity.
All at ones he became alert of natures essence.
An instant Hum perfumed the epicenter of his sordid heart.
He reached out to touch her slender arms
As he breathed almost mechanically "You are beautiful"
-Henry Akeru-
Henry Akeru
Written by
Henry Akeru  27/M/oyo
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