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Jul 2017
Little Agnes sits alone hugging beloved teddy tight.
The lights have gone, the sun long since fallen.
The sickly odors fill the room.

Creaking floorboards, the foundation settles,
the howling wind and tapping branches.
A shudder deep traces her spine.

Mommy had gone away again. Off to work she claims.
Agnes knows the truth, one she mustn't share.
She knows more than she ought, costing precious sleep.

The minutes drag on, each an hour long
whispers of her mind growing stronger.
The words have formed, now to invoke.

Majka ΕΎivi, ​​majka saznaje.
Ovo je igra koju neću igrati.

Round and round, Agnes chants.
Again and again the words repeat.
Echos shake the walls; rattle her soul.

Precious child, corrupted now.
Mr. Teddy begins to grow.

Eyes glow crimson, fangs sharpened.
Ears pull back as rumble becomes growl
Teddy will keep her safe, at the peril of those who would disagree.

The door **** turns, creaking hinges
announcing mommy's return.
She calls for little Agnes, summoning to her side.

Tonight Agnes does not respond, does not come.
Holler again to no avail, mommy begins to search.

Down the hallway, second on the right.
Reach for the handle that meets with mommy's hip
as the door bursts to splinters.

Mr. Teddy is on duty, mommy screams amidst the fangs and claws
ripping at the flesh.
Pain and terror overcome as she gazes past her demise, little Agnes sitting there with her baby blue eyes.
The last she will ever see as darkness overcomes.
The pain fades, the sounds lost, farther and farther into eternal night.
Mommy breaths no more.

Still Agnes sits, watching her guardian shrink back down.
His eyes dull, fangs recede,
Growl returns to rumble and fades altogether.
His job complete.

Slowly standing, precious Agnes crosses to the door.
She kneels next to mommy and pulls beloved teddy from her chest.
Back to the bed, holding teddy tight.
Agnes breathes a sigh of relief and calmly falls asleep.
Anthony Smith
Written by
Anthony Smith  24/M/Montana
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