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Jun 2017
I always believed,
That if you believed,
Anything could happen.
So I always told myself,
"She'll get better."
And I began to believe.

But then you go worse,
And my belif turned to doubt,
And my doubts into realization,
"She'll never sober up."

Popping pills,
Drinking ***** by the bottle,
Throwing me into walls,
Your boyfriends doing unapeakable things.

You wasted away,
As I pushed you out of my life.
I waited and waited for things to get better,
Until that awful fight.

Plates smashing,
And Bottles thrown,
Words spoken,
Slamming doors.

And then the coroner,
Two days later.
I knew,
Before the words were out of his mouth.

You never got better.
You gave up, not even staying the same.
And here I am,
Left to take the blame.
Written by
Blue  16/M
         Jakub Tiupa, Lvice and South by Southwest
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