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Jun 2017
Girl alone, bored.
My father-lover is in the line
and he's all I need to smile
there's a hunger in me
I got watching Torbjorn's pHotos and things
falling for teachers that barely know my name
A desire to rub, to feel
To venture that Deep. A desire to taste,
a desire to be.
Don't know what will be.
The body feels lonely, but so does the soul.
The room is turning empty; like the heart.
There's an excess of imagination in her bones.
She kisses their lips in her deepest swoon
And to come, there lie a few unknown moans

It was a suicidal act, a path to life.
What am I doing? I lost my mind.
but it's alright
I don't need it that much.

Got ignited in a Christmas night
Oh, oh, oh.
It's way too much.
Idle hands are angelic work.
This I know.
Psychotic Poetess
Written by
Psychotic Poetess  25/Madrid
   Me Díaz
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