A resurrection after death
A waking up from a deep slumber
Clarity and healing
After feverish dreams
That keep the spirit under
There’s always light after darkness
And though I’ve always
Called darkness home
Today I begin to build anew
In the light

M•(e). Díaz
Me Díaz Sep 11
I can feel it in my bones
And all my heart knows how to say
These days

M•(e). Díaz
Me Díaz Sep 10
When we first met, my love;
When you tucked your pieces
Inside my heart:
I only know how to love eternally.

M•(e). Díaz
Me Díaz Sep 10
I saw my spirit slip out
My body
While I slumbered
Undressed itself
Of its fleshy coat
And tiptoed out the door
While it was still dark
And I heard the door creak
But by then it was too late
My soul had already left
So I lay in bed
Eyes wide awake
And I find
I’ve no strength to mourn
The hollow inside
The dead inside
But my spirit still
Follows me at a distance
As I drive along numb
And I can’t tell
How fast any of us are going
Or where we’re going
And if we even have a destination
And it’s all tunnel vision
And I can’t feel my skin
But I can feel the wind
Come in through my window
Kiss cool the moisture on my cheeks
And it’s just a mess of tears
I never felt slip
But I know they’re there
Giving me away
And I walk on by
my spirit by my side
Watching as I stride
All along these halls
Within these walls
To and fro
And I’ve no purpose
Except to ambulate
With the residual energy left behind
Just like any other corpse  
How they twist and twitch
One last time
And so I walk on by
Just a series of electrical impulses
That make me seem alive
But I know it’s all a lie
For I’ve died last night
And it wasn’t violent
And it wasn’t peaceful
It just was
And I wonder
How long it’ll take
For anyone to notice
This is just my outer shell
And any word or action sprung
Is just soulless synergy
Elements working and collaborating
Purely on instinct
Simple nerve reflex
For my spirit’s left
Creeped out my front door
While I slept
And I wish I’d woken in time
To wave it goodbye
One last time
Last night
When I died

M•(e). Díaz
You held me
In your arms tonight
And my body melted into yours

Your embrace was warm
And inviting
And everything I needed

-and then you let me go, and I lost it all
Me Díaz Sep 7
In the sea of my dreams
Sleepy eyes that entice
Lazy smiles
Lazy kisses
Morning love
Fading with the rise
Of the matinal light
And I shut my eyes tight
Try to hold scene a little longer
In the peace of my slumber
Where this
Is real
Where you
Are real
Where we
Are real
Where I
Have you
And you
You are here

M•(e). Díaz
Me Díaz Sep 7
Think I’d be enough?
When she’s the moon
And the sun
All in one
When she’s ocean waves
Mountain tops
And forest depths

How could I ever
Think I’d be enough?
When her voice is song
Sweet caress
And thundering tempest
All in one
Soft ocean breeze
Midnight serenade to make me blush
And wisdom from a burning bush

And oh for a moment
She made me believe
And I believed
In romance between
Mortals and gods
A home to finally be had
But oh foolish woman I am

How could I ever
Believe I’d be enough?
A speck among the stars
Of her universe so vast
A love to finally last

Oh how could I ever

-but I did

M•(e). Díaz
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