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May 2019
When somebody leaves and takes away all your bright and happy colors,
Why would they not take with them the blacks and whites and greys?
How could they bear to see you suffer with these sad and lifeless colors
When they could have just left you with nothing?
Isn't that even their purpose for leaving?

Why would they have to leave fragments?
And all you're left to do is see them,
Everywhere you turn, everywhere you look.
Longing for them, yearning for when they'd come back
Even though you know they won't.

Why would they want you to hurt if, in the first place, they loved you?
Or would that have been just something that slips from their lips
From time to time,
Said to every one,
originally about Z. written in June 2017. never published. 'til now. two years later. but now with the realization that he never left. but he isn't here anymore either. (。•́︿•̀。)
Written by
aya  21/ph
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