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Jun 2017
Current emotions are like,
As, Bs, Cs.
It's like preferring tea but you're caffeinated by the idea of reality.

Current emotions are like,
Asking people who kept away from living.
If they are afraid of dying.

Current emotions won't let me explain,
How it feels like to be different.
Or somewhat unusual.
Always being the one to hear but they won't offer to listen.
Being left behind by the people who you loved dearly.

Current emotions is a pain,
A burden.
It drove me insane.
I can't even talk to my friends about the plant I have growing inside me.
The roots are deeper, grasping strongly.
No poison I could take to **** it.

Current emotions are tangly,
Like your earphones every time you place it inside your bag,
It's teary and wavy,
Like the paper soaked in the tears I had held on for so long.
Current emotions are;
Amirah Shahari
Written by
Amirah Shahari  15/F/Malaysia
     yasaman johari and Amaranthine
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