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May 2012
Soft thoughts shift and mingle
Centering on seriousness and concern
The view below one of sped up haz-mat suit production
Gears of War turning swiftly ahead
As much compassion, joy and love as they could muster influencing them
Miracles happening every day
Constantly surrounding them with the ability to choose
Lately their decisions have become swift and greedy
Blind to all their blessings, cups full and still thirsty
Birthing their children into seeds of numbness andΒ hate
Slaves and slavers to the ravenous machine
Language devolving into just more. more. more.
Worried that they still do not understand
The quest for the meaning of life simple and secure
Channel change on the world below
Millions of acres of altered food.
Genetics mutated.
Whole species wiped out.
Shrinking back into the safety of space
This place has come undone. Wrong.
Settling in weary acceptance
Finally turning their attentions after never giving up
Perhaps they will untwist on their own...
Immortality is not attained through the ability to survive.
*But through the ability to impact.
Written by
Wanderer  Between Midnight and 3am
(Between Midnight and 3am)   
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