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Jun 2017
Wanna know what really ****** me up as a kid ?
It wasn't so much the anger and pain
It was that my parents aren't always like that
They could be nice and kind
And sometimes I'd drive myself crazy
Not so sure that it was real ,
Till it happened again
That ****** me up

I lost trust in my parents and especially my mother
She'd tell me we'd leave and we'd be happy
" don't worry little one " that was a lie
She'd just crawl right back
I guess I can't blame her

I sometimes don't think that I have it that bad
Cause maybe I dont
So I just tell myself I'm just an overreacting teenager
But then my mother my protector
Goes and gets wasted she falls
I carry her to bed lulling her to sleep
Another time she wishes me dead after falling in public
I got the stares I hated it

It makes me angry that I have no one to trust
One one that cares enough
And that's what really ***** me up
Guess I'm just a ****** up kid
Nothing left to say
Except that I'm sorry
Maybe I could have done better
But in the end I'll only be a ****** up kid
Can you really blame me ?
Written by
Shadowhollow  16/F/England
     Hector, --- and Vale Luna
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