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May 2017
You sing to breathe
And nothing is what you'll get
You yearn for the moon
yet you get noon
You fall for him
He falls for another
You tear down the wall
To find more that are stronger
You want him to stay
But he grew wings and flew away
You want to be wrapped in warmth
But instead cold pierces your heart
You wished you could save him
But instead he saved you
You thought you lost him
But he actually found you
You thought it was too hard,
But he made it to easy
You thought you were alone
Yet behind you is the man you want
You thought you guessed
In reality you tried so hard
You tell him to say "I hate you",
But it comes out as "I love you."
You thought it was the end
It only was the beginning
You thought he was so far
Although he's right in front of your eyes.
You tried to run away,
But he grabbed you and said "stay"
Hope this makes sense.
Written by
   ---, ryn, Mona Mohamed, bob, Shanath and 3 others
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