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Apr 2012
Someone described heaven to me,
He said,
Heaven is the happiest place on earth,
Your happiest place on earth.
The place where you want to be.

So I sat under a tree,
And let my thoughts run free,
I was thinking about heaven,
And what it would be for me.

Heaven was the first day I met you,
Our first conversation,
When my heart skipped a beat,
And my palm sweated profusely.

Heaven was sitting with you,
Having a meal,
Watching your every move in slow motion,
Getting lost in your eyes as always.

Heaven was what I thought we could be,
Because we never were,
I never held your hand on earth.

In heaven,
We shared a thousand kisses,
Lived to be a hundred,
Spent every day overlooking the golden sunset.

In heaven,
We shared a sip of some iced tea,
Walked along the shores of a beach,
Made sweet love in the home we built together.

In heaven,
Our conversations took more depth,
My love for you learned new levels,
Levels unbeknownst to men below.

In my heaven,
Our children and children's children ran around us,
Playing in the garden,
Without a care in the world.

And in my heaven,
We went to the back of the school everyday,
Danced to the music of the winds,
Stared into each others eyes,
Until the morrow creeped over us.

Ahh heaven,
What I would give to be with you,
But alas my life on earth is not lived yet,
There is so much more for me to do,
SO Much more for me to feel.

So my heaven,
My love,
Wait for me,
For I will join thee soon
And become one at last.

Alvin Moses
Written by
Alvin Moses
     Colm and Umwari uwera
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