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May 2017
i wasn't satisfied with the cartesian
                                                       ­          cogito ergo sum...
                it's not that i couldn't stomach it,
it was just:               not enough?
people claim that maxim to be the source
of all subjectivity,
          and there's nothing objective about
      all this modern talk of subject vs. object,
i had to employ a θήσαύρύς.
      i needed a square... a solomon's star,
two squares encompassed against each other,
nothing akin to the star of david...
i mean solomon's star, of two squares
imposed on each other, layered
so you get an oκτάγωνον oktágōnon
oh ****! a macron over an omicron = an omega!
                                  oh k'tah goo non...
      wait wait... i was going to write something
concrete, and yes, it was based on solomon's star...
             6 things -

     cogito                              sum
subjectivity             ­           objectivity            king david (6)  
   reflexive                           reflective

   thinking = subjectivity = the reflective
    thinking = subjectivity = the reflexive
      thinking = objectivity = the reflective
    thinking = objectivity = the reflexive         king solomon (8)
     being = subjectivity = the reflective
       being = subjectivity = the reflexive
      being = objectivity = the reflective
              being = objectivity = the reflexive

     (alt. given the atheistic scissors of definite / indefinite articles
    of the / a                     a reflex,         a reflection)

what this means is, what's generally thought of as
the tetragrammaton, but it's not four letters,
    it's the interpolation of the four main faculties,
that are now seen as tripling up, or call them: cubed;
a lament configuration representation.
     thinking is subjective in that it is also reflective
  (the narcissus bias)
     thinking is subjective in that it is also reflexive
     (i need a shave)
     thinking is objective in that it is also reflective
       (i am ageing)
   thinking is objective in that it is also reflexive
          (i'll just stop looking into a mirror)...

dear apologies for the geometry of the arrangement
                              of words, i know you'd love to see a tartan pattern
              of interchange, but this **** seems rigid, in the way
   that i wrote it... i couldn't find a way to write a b a b
                     as stated, it only came out as a a b b,
                            or a b c a b c         rather a a b b c c.

but do you see what is even more fascinating than numbers?
    the arithmetic symbols... arithmetic symbols
are very much akin to diacritical symbols...
              i write an over-simplification of a concept using =,
and then all these conjunctional words pop up!
   and yes, in terms of citing heidegger as opposed to
        descartes      there's a great disparity between
                          being     and i am -
                          self-evident,       being = the sum, a total, Σ,
while      i am? it's a unitary representation of the total (sum / sigma)
    of the possible mode of being -
       it's also called ego interference / pronoun inteference
             in the conceptualisation of the cascade that's ergo
                            into the basin that's dasein.

what philosophy call metaphysics?
                         linguistics call orthography...
                                 what chemists call para- positioning on
                     a benzene ring;
                                         or what non-chemists call the paranormal.
Mateuš Conrad
Written by
Mateuš Conrad  33/M/Essex (England)
(33/M/Essex (England))   
   Anderson M
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