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May 2017
I still get nervous singing in front of a crowd
And I'm nervous that nothing I do will make people proud
I worry that my life's heading in the wrong direction
And that I won't find someone who'll exchange affection
I fear that I have friends who don't want me around
They just tolerate me, wouldn't care if I were sound
Asleep, far away nowhere to be found
Or buried ten feet beneath the cold hard ground
They'll find my body long after I have drowned
Under the stresses and the worries that I tell you now
I keep this all inside
Hide it in my mind
When people ask if I'm okay I tell them that I'm fine
I've never let these words see the light of day
Cause how do I say
These things to people with whom I play and pray
So here these worries and thoughts will stay...

Until today...

I'm afraid one day I'll wake up depressed
Haven't achieved my goals, always tired and stressed
Didn't do my best when put to the test
Allowed myself to slip below success
Made mistakes along the way and now I'm less
Than I set out to be, my life's an utter mess
I'm scared one day I won't make people smile
And on the day my life goes on trial
I'll look back on all my days with regret
Because I'm just some guy that everyone will forget
My story's been written, my time's been spent
And I didn't change the world everywhere that I went
And I didn't give, not even a cent
Because my fragile mind was twisted and bent
From my original plan, the man god had sent
Out to be a saint, a prophet, a gent
Who on his own could make a dent
On the darkness of the world, that's what was meant
But I didn't become that guy
Instead now I cry
On my deathbed where I lie
Alone because I didn't try
I didn't reach for the sky
When I had the chance to fly
I fell down from life's high
And now it's my time to die

Now I'm all alone
At this all time low
Ten feet below
Accompanied only by the flowers that grow
Above me
Part Time Poet
Written by
Part Time Poet  22/M/Ohio
     Lior Gavra and Guadalupe Meza
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