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Guadalupe Meza Jan 2022
Another year has flown by and sometimes
Life brings us the worst storms but
Don’t ever feel that your time was wasted for
I can assure you that you have touched many,

Because life is like a sentence,
Each new beginning has a purpose.
Guadalupe Meza Apr 2019
Do the feelings of love ever go away?
Some wish for it to disappear
And some wanted it to stay,
But they couldn’t keep each other near.

Those who wish for the pain to leave
Understand what it means to love,
And finding it hard to breathe,
Having feelings escape to the sky above.

Wanting the bond to be strong
But only able to watch it all fall apart,
Feeling like these emotions don’t belong,
And losing a part of your heart.
Haven’t written in a while
Guadalupe Meza Apr 2018
I have always been shy around others.

Life has put many struggles on me,
Its like life wants me to fail but
Kindly making me who I am
Even if it hurts me.

Yes I do have insecurities and
Often they pull me farther down but
Usually I can pull myself back up.
There's a hidden message.
Guadalupe Meza Feb 2018
We see a rose and believe it is beautiful just because we were told it was so,
But we fail to see that what actually makes it beautiful is what lies inside.
So make sure that when you judge beauty look at the picture as a whole,
And take care of that beauty because its in danger of all the pain that it can hide.
Guadalupe Meza Feb 2018
Why is it when we do good we get hurt?
We lose hope?
We get a broken heart?
We lose sight of the light and fall in a deep darkness?
We gain scars that will never leave us?

Why is it when people do bad they get everything they desire?
Get fame?
Get love?
Get the key to life?
Get happiness?

I'm good person but sometimes
Its hard to walk the dark valley
Without a good friend with me.

We all need a friend that will never leave us even if the world kicks them around and they lose hope,
The world will never be able to take their kindness away.

These friends are diamonds in the rough.
And they need to be valued and appreciated.
For they will give their life for you.

And so would I.
Guadalupe Meza Feb 2018
Words can cut the skin,
It can hurt the body within.
It can cause the body pain.
It can leave the body lame.
It can leave scars on the surface.
Why have pain, what is its purpose?

Silence can cut the mind,
When we can't leave the past behind.
It can cause pain the soul.
It can cause us to hang on a pole.
It has the power to destroy.
It has the power to make a man into a boy.
Silence is the only thing that turns good into bad.

Silence may not sound like a bad thing,
But you never know if that is the last thing you will ever give someone.
Guadalupe Meza Feb 2018
Words hurt the heart
While silence hurts the soul.

The heart can be fixed
While the soul has to be reborn.

The heart looks for happiness
While the soul looks for love.

The heart follow what you can see
While the soul follows what is under the surface.

The heart knows what you want
But the soul knows what you need.
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