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May 2017
Let us listen...

     Just for awhile
     let us silence our minds
     and open our hearts

     Just for awhile
     let us listen from within


     not to gain knowledge
     not to formulate questions

     rather to chance upon
     sacred bonds and
     profound wisdom

Just for awhile
let us not seek information
or answers

Let us not rouse the intellect
but embrace the spirit

If thoughts cloud the brain
let them pass

If replies tingle on the tongue
let us breathe them away silently

Return to them later
but here...

here in this precious time of sharing

Let us listen

     let the words wash over us
     and seep into a still quiet pool

Let us listen.
Inspired by a circle I belong to that practices "deep listening" which each person, in turn, speaks their heart (about a topic chosen by the facilitator) while the others just listen...deep topics, no dialogue, no conversation, just listening to one another. It's so different from regular conversations, chit-chat and small talk which is what people usually experience.

The world needs more real listening!
Written by
Mary-Eliz  Virginia
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