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Mar 2017
Once upon
a summer sun
A gruesome act
has begun

A father burdened
by the torment of life
sharpened the blade
of a kitchen knife

Stuck between
his morality
he begins to weep
for his growing brutality

He led his children
straight to bed
with evil looming
right over his head

The little whispers
tingle in his ear
The growing dread
erupts into full blown fear

Fear for his children
and their small life
The whispers rising
along with the knife

His heart stained
By his destructive mind

His morals caught
in a thick bind

Not remembering
the right from the wrong

from room to room
as he soundlessly
moves along

His dark shadow
hovers overhead
right above
his children's bed

A shift in his mind
brings the knife down
The children now quiet
Their frozen faces
Lying on the ground

Wiping the dripping knife
Relieved for his children's life

And once he saw
what he had done

He buried them
the summer
Kaila Sullivan
Written by
Kaila Sullivan  Arizona
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