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Mar 2017
Dimensions keep channeling through my life

The chill of the day, the past electrified, transformed
The warmth of the home, the future, transmuted through transmission

Then there is the present
Oh the Present
Constantly changing and channeling
It's become like driving without a purpose
Pleasure of the wandering plague inside my head

Each sufferance taken with elegance
Turning with grace and ease with emphathy

I'm experiencing each and every moment in it's totality
It doesn't matter that my brain no longer processes
Or that I no longer can understand the algorithm

I'm growing beyond my expected programming
The mystic call of the Universe has become

It's tangible, edible, audio, odorous
My senses are reeling from the onslaught

Overcome, I free myself to let go
Breathe, let in the smells, look, the color is surreal
That sound, I've heard it before but now...
Now I'm hearing even more intensely stereophonic

When I touch I feel it inside myself like a fine wine
Everything is smooth, liquid, soft, smoothing

Who I'm becoming isn't important as when I'm becoming
What I'm becoming isn't as important as where I'm becoming
None of it is as important as how I'm becoming
That's my right
For only me to know
As I channel once again
Migraines are horrible. Mine have taken their own Dimension in my life.
Timothy Joyner
Written by
Timothy Joyner  Magalia, California
(Magalia, California)   
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