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Jan 2017
Not all can fathom the concepts that what is here was once not and what was here once now isn't. The soil doesn't change, nor do the old trees, yet the buildings are broken down and the people soon leave.
The visuals and sights that have over time been consumed within the air still linger in our breaths.
The road was once dirt, the river once land, that home once someone else's home.
Physical attributes change yet so do the emotional ones. A place of war and blood shed will become peaceful and goodly. A place once deemed dreadful will be contradicted by time and seen as content and amicable. A person once admired and lively will become a person admired and dead.
The air doesn't change but everything else does, allowing the next people to breathe it's past in.
I'm thinking of creating a zine consisting of poetry and photography. I think zines were such hits in the 90's and need a comeback. I'm really excited to start this project. The above is a piece I may be editing and including.
Ivy Botticelli.
IvyB Xx
Written by
IvyB Xx  Australia
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