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Roman Four Feb 4
She told me I was perfect.
I fell instantaneously.
So tell me why did I hesitate,
every time
she told me
Roman Four Feb 4
I shall not bend
I shall not fold
I mustn't give under the gaze
of their watch.
For in my eyes this is weak.
It is okay if I fall and crack,
It is okay if I break and snap.
Yet these orbed windows of my soul,
I mustn't let flood.
I may shake and tremble,
in anguish,
in frustration,
but this dam of my lids
shall not break.
Am I really so pathetic that I can barely hold my tears? It makes me feel so weak to cry in front of others. But who am I to perceive myself from the outside.
Roman Four Feb 4
She is a puppet.
She was her own puppeteer.
But her strings,
harshly wrestled from her,
until she is wholly compliant.
Society laughs,
as she dances their string pulling dance.
Her movement not her own,
a dance against her own accord.
Aren't we all victims to the same foolish dance? A dance at which we laugh at others as they fall for the same trick, but yet we cannot escape ourselves?
Roman Four Feb 4
They fed their mind with black and white,
Monotone and the same.
Forbidding gay reds and blues,
greens and yellows,
and all the bountiful colors.
To them,
Love is simple.
As predictable as day and night.
To them,
Love is complex.
As divided as the colors on a prism.
Love is creatively more complex and colorful than the simple ways we see in popular media. Society's has spoon fed to us through social platform's unrealistic expectations of romance.
  Jan 2017 Roman Four
Rekha Nur Alisha
Our souls would rather miss the moon
than the yellow sun
We crave for dusk more than dawn
We say goodbye when all we ever wanted
was hello
  Jan 2017 Roman Four
You are born and live and live well, good and bad.

You add and subtract and learn.

You throw out and subtract those things that do not add up.

You keep what makes the equation correct and you add more in and live.

You live well my friend , you live well.
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