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Jan 2017
When our eyes connected
The first time we met
It felt like it was special
Our destiny appeared to be set
Our first holiday together
So difficult for you to connect
Your passion was halfway out the door
I struggle to understand it
Seasons may have passed us
The answers begin to arise
Your heart was with another
Words spoke of where was your guise
Emotions became quite Reckless
Forcing you to decide
With so much consideration
I still seemed at that time to be your prize
So many moons have come and gone Still carrying a legal document
Signed and witnessed before our lord Your troubled mind cannot break it
I  am the lady of Latter years
But have to pay the price
Never willing to fully commit
Because of when  you met me  even if I am nice
If I was granted just one wish
You would be that fly on the wall
Seeing this communion from the outside I think many changes would be your call
True Passion
Written by
True Passion  Toronto
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