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Jan 2017
At the beginning
but not at Inception
you have no choice
but to admit I was your Muse.

So ecstatic about your pen
how words flowed across the page inspired to share such words of beauty unable to show others your talent

With the years behind us
like most other couples
your desire to create for me
no longer wanting to entice me

These feelings seem to have left you
your focus has changed
to please all the others
is all that you need

You still are the man
I'm inspired to write for
you may never understand
my dream to be your inspiration

Wanting once again
our own special poems
the ones expressing love and passion special between us and no other

Your actions have separated us
but only for miles
since then is when you were driven to impress
so many people forgetting us

What am I supposed to do
can I bring you back to me
will you have a longing once again
to show me I am special above the rest?

You are my muse
I can't get you out of my head
I write from my heart
my feelings are my guide

It's proof without contempt
you have filled my heart
I am not complaining
except that we are apart
True Passion
Written by
True Passion  Toronto
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