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Jan 2017
My friends all lie
They like to stab me in the back
They influence and pressure me
They don't keep me on track

They do one thing
But say they do another
But when I do something bad
They act like my mother

Always at my side
They try to correct my wrongs
Their voices play in my head
Like a repeated song

They really don't care
"But friendships supposed to last"
But if I have a say at all
I will leave them in the past

They let me bleed out
Watch my wrists turn to rust
And as for my feelings...
They leave them in the dust

I pour my heart out
But they leave me here to cry
What should I expect
They're always leaving me high and dry

Always standing around
Never have my back
Maybe they're missing manners
It's the respect factor they lack

I tell them everything
Who else would I tell
But it always comes back to bite me
And I'm always the one who dwells

Sure put it all on the girl,
Who sits quietly in the corner
She doesn't have enough on her plate
Her life's not even in order

With tears down my cheeks
And my arms folded at my chest
I wonder which one...
Will ***** me over next

They play with my trust
Like it's some sort of test
"I'm fine, I'm just tired"
My mind needs to rest

I dream of a place
Where the woods run deep
And even in the dark
You don't have to creep

There I will find friends
Compassion is what I seek
Where the woods run deep
And the hills run steep
Izzy Krompack
Written by
Izzy Krompack  United States
(United States)   
   Pagan Paul
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