Jan 2017

I remember laying in this exact spot
Alone under covers, thinking of how stuck
I felt because of loving you
But being tied to him
Heart and mind so far away
From where my body laid
And I wondered how it could ever be
Anything other than just fine
He was just fine and not you
You were doing just fine without me
I was just fine being your friend
What a joke, I never could be
Not when your eyes broke my heart
And I could smell your sweet shirt
Your silent charisma, reeling me in
Holy shit did it hurt
To just pass you by and be just fine
I never was, not then, but I grew okay
Wounds heal into scars and skin regrows
But the marks remain as reminders
And I always remembered, but lived my  life
Then there you were again, years passed
And I was unattached
But as soon as you came into my life
My wound was sliced back open and I bled
And you saw it and you heard me cry
Instead of hiding, you held me
Instead of running, you felt me
And told me you were there
But only if I wanted you to be
My face spills my heart so obviously
Now here we are and here I am
Laying in that same place
I can honestly say that my feelings
For you have always been deep and true
I knew it then as I know it now
You are my love, the only one, my muse

Written by
   ryn and angela
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