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Dec 2016
Twenty sixteen on some shrooms
Was all about them waves
In all the overcrowded rooms
Of resolution slaves
Diggin' raves
While I was ditchin'
This red solo cup existence
By filling up my head with a
Reality resistance

Through the sands of time I sifted
Back to all the wasted years
How my need for speed had shifted
From its crash and burnout gears
Sippin' beers
While I was waitin'
For my turn to dance with Satan
With my blackened liver hopes and dreams
Slowly disintegratin'

My cuckoo clock then hatched a plan
Perhaps in trippin' I would fall
In love with her and understand
The purpose of this droppin' ball
Startin' small
While I was tryin'
To ensure she'd keep replyin'
To the messages I sent
From satellites that I was flyin'

Passion then my only crime
We melted winter snows
But sparks inside my opened mind
Had wilted like a rose
Hittin' lows
While I was missing
My Lucy skylight diamond ringΒ Β 
Traded in for but a taste
Of the only finer thing

Obsessions made of solid gold
The price of my adventure
Possessions that I could not hold
Outweighed her sweet surrender
As it were
While I was teeming
With a world of peaceful dreaming
I overlooked the only one
That ever gave mine meaning

*And suddenly it seems that I
Am twenty seventeening
Michael Marchese
Written by
Michael Marchese  26/M/California
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