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7h · 9
Road Trips
Missed you a lot
As I drove off the lot
As I rode out of sight
To foreboding distraught  
Travel time is too long
Destination is final
Without you
I’m already
Dead on arrival
Hire me,
Fire me
Couldn’t inspire me
Just give me something to do
Besides piracy
Get me back out in the world
Be a part
Of some start up
To fill up
My grocery cart
For I’ve taken to heart
Far too many
Of time
I laid waste
To my rotten intestines
2d · 61
Long lost
Tired toil feeling
Hard work seldom
More appealing
Sore on every corner
In every way
You can’t ignore
Just let me make some money
Maybe meet
A pretty lady
Lately that seems
Nigh unlikely
Half my bed is empty
Only slightly
Fear the worst
That gifted girl
Left me accursed
Whole world reversed
And snapped me back
On track to death
By heart attack
No way
Don’t do that to me
It was on its way down
And you weren’t there to see
Shattered fragments
Of traumatic
Past transgression
As plainly as
I can explain
The common knowledge
Global reign
The stories still
Beyond belief
As bleed a tree
And bleach the reef
And grief can’t sleep
Still trades in sheep
The fief is mine alone
To own
The leaflet is
My precious stone
A thief within
The phantom zone
4d · 17
The Olympian
This community
Of color
Is a dark distorted lover
Off the lot
Missed her a lot
When you’re the arid swamp
And misbegotten
Bird of mocking
Make the penman
Fill the plot
And not a thought is lost
On motions passed
In petty Freddy Gray
In petty cash,
In gaseous masks
In play bills on parade
Just herbal verbal
Twigs and cap and spores
And scores of elemental
Understory roars
When force alone
Can often turn
The people on the camera
And suddenly it’s like
Entire worlds
Are out to scam ‘ya
It’s a capital imperial
Taking hold
And Capitol attacking
Who still want it for
The gold
5d · 25
Edge of Autonomy
Another step closer
To hitting the road
On my own again
I intend
To bring it home
And I’m trying
Ambitious as ever
To make it
To seek the best fit
And then someday forsake it
For now I must break with
The dream
Maybe forever
From childhood fantasies
Fading to never
Yet even now
Still hope you’re reading
Even if it’s just a fleeting
Skimming of
The haunted house
Within it ghosts
Still boast about
Priceless possessions
How they dig
The grave reflections
Like Narcissus
Smoke and mirrors
Darkly lit
Yet starkly clearer
Oddly somehow
All makes sense
A cosmic joke
At my expense
Dispenses with
Unfinished business
No illusions
Left to witness
Just remains
And acid rains
The single mind
In many brains
Dissolving in
6d · 156
Ex’n out O’s
Dearest one
Wasn’t one
Single mistaken
Heart breaking
It was even us
It up as we went along
Somehow connected
And unburdened
From system schismatics
Too ******-frenetic
Forget it
It’s better off
Dead and regretted
Can’t be changed
Without action
‘Till then it’s just words
Movement gains
Create traction
By practicing verbs
But perhaps paradoxically
Both coincide
If you think about doing
In all forms of rhyme
For the pen, like a sword
Is a weapon you wield
And to foes of the former
The latter revealed
Inspiration to wage
The just causes belie
That you don’t need to ****
To still powers defy
When it really comes down to it
Instinct is key
Solutions you don’t conclude
Although naturally yield
An appealing
Popularity contest
To racialize hair
That the struggle
Does not even care
When it’s hungry
And pushed to the brink
Of extinction
In a cage
Like a subhuman species
So why try to train
What does not want to learn
Your new tricks
Why insist
Making it
Your concern?
May 3 · 28
Opted out
Got back in
Couldn’t live there again
I chose racing with rats
Over ones on my skin
Crawling off its embrace
Of my gaunt skeleton
Gnawing at my subconscious
Insomniac guilt
Where fecundity blooms
It shall soon enough wilt
And what built its decay
Domicile exile
Expires, erodes
No abode is worthwhile
Eventually I
Would abandon the home
For the first opportunity
Onward to roam
Be it so
Upon continents
Drifting away
Or domestic tranquility
Muted and gray
From rock bottom
Leech feasting
Has my vanity swelled
To where deities weep
And it watered the earth
With vitality tears
And then salted its worth
In a graveyard of fears
But availed no tomorrow
Unveiled in the fog
Just foreshadowed the ashes’
Aghast acrid smog
Some would laud
As if progress
Need darken the sky
As if flawed by design’s
A commodified lie
Yet another price tag
On a plastic bag
‘Till the last human
Life bullet
Empties the mag
And dragged into
A sooner
Or later
The maker you meet
Is a fake
May 1 · 23
Home for the Elderly
Mistaken for an older
Closer to
Collapsing over
Almost over
Final chapter
Not coming after
Nor the sequel
Just forget it
Savor desperation
Let it
Push you to the brink
Of sink
And make your alter-ego
Relinquishing the hero’s tale
Accept that by the end you failed
To draw your perfect dreams
To scale
Apr 30 · 30
Strongly Worded
Been days since I last
Read it out loud
And past
By the time
I had put on
And took off the mask
I was lying in sand
To appear at my best
To relax, be at ease
In the peace
I attest
To have witnessed,
Felt moving through
But I lost it,
Misplaced it,
Forgot its face too
I erased her,
Defaced her
Still frame in my mind
Then I tried to replace it
With some other kind
Though it proved to be
Unappealingly basic
And couldn’t quite infiltrate
My secret bases
Just brace for in fact
This is not gunna’ last
Until I read it out again
To you at last
Apr 29 · 123
Beach is beside us
But this is no oasis
A few steps remind us
Of such private places
The palms are outstretching
To skies of cerulean
The shrooms kicking in
Since I’ve had
Quite a few of them
New, unfamiliar
But adaption
Comes naturally,
Quickly unbound
Am I free to run into
The distance and see it
Was more than we ever could
Truly believe it
Apr 28 · 35
Three harpies moved into the mountain
And soon
The excluded among them
When into its room
Glooming in the pale moonlight
And wondered why sense’s
Sincerity setting
Intuits the looming shadow’s
Seven heaven’s
Outlaw renegading
Fade serenade
The miraculous suicide
Watch it replay
Then another one to tell me how
To simply think about it
Worries flowing,
Show you how
To drink about it
Can’t forget her
Even on my death
Linen shame
She murdered me
Now makes me **** myself
And sell what’s left of sane
To any tangential
In discursive
And immersing my rehearsals
In eternal hearse
Apr 27 · 28
Settlers of Catan
This game is like life
Build your roads
Conquer lands
Construct homes
And expand
As your city erodes
Into seas of surpluses
Exhausted too quickly
A populous guarded
But hungry and sickly
So play it just like
How you’d really develop
A civilization
As god
Not a zealot
Apr 26 · 22
How I loved to enlighten you
In darkness frighten you
Dowse you in torrential rain
Then ignite with you
Write you
Revolutions abroad
And in first rows of your film premieres
I’d applaud
And play god with you
Meting out justice upon
Persecutors who challenge our place
On the lawn
Like an infant fawn stumble
On best words to say
But with confidence conjure
The ones to convey
All too late what I feel for you
Accurate mark
A precision that only results
Far apart
Apr 25 · 32
These are the words
Of one who has broken
With hope
Long ago
I can socialize
Well enough
Leave me alone
But enjoy it sometimes
What the others might say
Every now and then one
Or two
Welcome to stay
If they manage to deftly
Display their intriguing
Make me believing
Keep speaking
You have my permission,
I’ll listen
But bore me,
I’ll make myself scarce
Of opinion
You won’t get a peep out of me
After that
I don’t mean to be rude
Just exclude the chitchat
Apr 23 · 19
I just wake up and I write
At night
And in the twilight
I am the owl
In the eye
Of the tornado
I burrow under the ground
And in the crown’s contorted coffers
I’m still lurking around
‘Tryna’ figure it out
It could be China
No doubt
It’s coming down to this
I claw it and I clash with
Appear when it’s too real
And when I’m feeling too
Then put it to the pit
And then the wavelengths I emit
Become the vanquished on the pages
Merely smudges I omit
And mark ‘em whether
In the netherworld
Or heavens
It is hosted
I still summon subterranean
Relationships I’ve ghosted
Apr 22 · 25
Shrinking Violet
Darkest kid
In a city of light
Saw the radiant prism in bloom
In the night
And I had all these crazy ideas
By the ******-trope ghost’s
Lonely constituents
What composes the roses
Compels to despair
And what withers in wilting decay
Without care
See the forest for trees,
Fade away with the breeze
Petals coated in metal
Unsettled unease
How I shied from your touch
With sensation remaining
Vibrations sustained
In the ongoing raining
Was never intended to stretch to the sun
Just recede to the shadows
Of comfortably numb
Apr 21 · 27
The Mediator
These minimizing labels
There be pirates on these seas
And arming social revolution
Is in love with lunacies
Come in with tyrants,
Preaching violence
And enriching lesser clients
Privateers to privatizing
Water fronts to spread the virus
Be it powder wigs and kegs
Or kids with squids for their sea legs
It all submits before the rising
Of the bottom-feeding plebs
So call me leftist,
Call me liberal
I was born in the imperial
Ethereal imprisonment
The cargo hold’s
Bloodlust for gold’s
A righty, if you write me
In genetics and supremacy
The strong, the weak
The idolized
And deified
But never on authority’s
Minority report
But indivisible as any individual
At court
And so I see the tribal fighting,
The internecine delighting
In the other side’s
Speechless demise
And stoke the reuniting
Apr 20 · 29
Done applying
Myself trying  
Feels a lot more like
I’m lying
To the still aspiring me
Determined not to merely be
Seek employment
Reckless enjoyment
All for nothing comes of it  
I’m sick of it,
Just want to quit
Stop kidding,
Still pretending I
Was somehow meant for more
Than die
Another boring, dreary day
Regardless of
How far away
Or how sublime surroundings get
Or how within the wind I’m swept
Rejected just begets regret
And failures I cannot forget
The culmination?
Worst case constant
No scenario
Adds up
To what I’ve ever wanted
In this sepulcher
Of bad luck
Apr 19 · 23
Approaching the threshold
Of drastic life changes
Done hoping,
The rest rearranges
To some more commensurate
Level to compensate
My deficit
With a destiny date
If I see her again
It would have to be fate
Since I squandered my chances
To actively seek it,
Pursue it,
Then rue it
How I couldn’t reach it
From summits I’d plummet
Crestfallen nadir
And in valleys of shadow
The fix would appear
Like a kick to the head
To ascend back atop
Ego mountain triumphant
Then never to stop
Glorifying transcendence
Embodying light
Now I just want to know
If it’s still worth the write
Apr 18 · 34
The Renunciant
Choose not to partake
I forsake
Deprive my desires
Of decadent sleeping
In speaking
Only purposefully
Averse to attachment
And suffer eternal
Existence alone
In a godless indifference
Illusions compel me no more
To their influence
Misfortune continues
Befalling me
As soon as I’ve regained
Some semblance of trust
It will all be ok
Maybe finally work out
Without dread apprehensions
To still think about
There is no resting easy
Until it’s resolved
And of my culpability
Hope I’m absolved
In the interim thinking it over
Too long
All the million plus ways
It goes awfully wrong
Soon enough
Like it seems
It is meant to prevent me
From what pleasant dreams
Still remain possibilities
Where will life lead?
I don’t want to find out
Just give up and recede
So at least I’d preemptively
Cease disappointment
Before it eventually
Knows no avoidance
Apr 16 · 30
And should the depths be full on longing
Cold dark growing old in wronging
My responses rife with doubt
Forgotten what I read about
Just minutes minimized before
I took a hit of nevermore

Then let me just survive at least
Bare minimum of food to eat
It’s more than I deserve and verve
Not recently a song I’ve heard
With artistry as musical
As my late evening usual

Expulsion of the personal
Revulsion to the purposeful
Life happiness delusion snare
And all the crushing weight I bare
And therein lies the extrication
Poetry illumination
Apr 15 · 47
No plan to back up
All you’d lose
Just haven’t yet
Learned to refuse
The risk adrenaline
Incites you,
Tempers you,
And reignites you
So exciting,
Then it’s not
Now failure
Perforates the plot
And disappointment
Can’t even watch the morning news
Without your judgment
And disdain
An older form
Of growing pains
Would not dyspeptically
In caffeinated stressors
Convergent point
Of no return
Apr 14 · 41
The Acculturated Left
But see that’s why it’s nuts to me
Waiting on you
Since I did it to you
Without thinking it through
To conclusion
Is where I am now
But adapting my senses
To communicate human
And state what my prey is
Conveying the union’s
Peace beast in his cages
Lay waste the creators
With demon exertion
And purge the earth-fakers
With worthy subversion
Befitting the finest
Idealists at play
Our posterity learning
Their brilliant display
Is the way we keep turning
With all it in tune
And that even delusions
Can land on the moon
Apr 13 · 172
Run Diagnostic
Recent evaluations
All systems in order
Yet still revolution
Solutions ****** me
Reducing intake
Introduce me to ruin
As critics partake
In my processor fails
To retain
What the day’s
Most essential details
At the time
Seem important
But vanish in stress
What I make
Or what happens to face my
Circuitous break
With the linear
Rapid progression
As sobriety renders me
Solemn and staid
To refrain
Or indulge
In the dizziness of
Freedom comes to fruition
Within lack of love
Apr 12 · 24
A lost thought
Can change
The day
In ways
As manifold
As power plays
Attempt to undo
Neutral ground
The territory
Watered down
Becomes a barren,
Vast expanse
Of merely witnessing romance
Apr 10 · 34
All the Philosophy
No sense proclaiming
Of any facets
Of this world
I’m alert in
Alive in
Just trying
To see and survive
And prepare for the day
I eventually die
Apr 8 · 28
My Own Room
This much is true
I suppose
I conclude
I could live anywhere
I just want my own room
Little space
Private place
That I rest assured
Upon me getting home
And by night its embrace
Covers me in secured
And I wake to each day in bed
Feeling restored
When I’m bored
It preoccupies me,
Lets me hide
And in solitude
Into its shadows
Apr 7 · 39
Joie de Vivre
We all like to think ourselves
Somewhat enlightened
That answers abound
And that nothing
Is frightening
Delight in at least
But how long before
The excessive temptation
Becomes decadence
Abrogation of morals
And tireless virtue
Can’t rest on its laurels
In good conscience
An abnormal distortion
By debased disproportion
Apr 6 · 139
Finding our Way
Old ways with old friends
Perched upon
The earth’s top
Are some topics
How goes it so far
Is the story’s synopsis
Arriving at this
In harmonic
Convergence with culmination
Of causation
Lament and euphoria’s
Balanced equation
Decisions amounting
To the sum
Of our fears
That the world
To our suffering
Apr 6 · 30
California Dreaming
Out here is few worries,
Perhaps none at all
Just appalling gas prices
And no one to call
A week in I refrain
From claims
It is some kind of paradise
Golden domain
When of course
Dread can lurk
Around any road bend
Be it snaking these hills
Or the ones in my head
Apr 5 · 24
The Pathfinder
Ask me two years ago
Where would I be
I could never predict
It’d be close to the sea
I’d have never projected
The future in store
Would be one in which I
Didn’t have any more
Terse objections,
Detestations to feint
That I actually care
Still concern myself with
Goings-on in the universe
Dare to commit
To a cause of nobility,
Selfless servility
Not solely self-indulge bliss
But, maybe its
Ignorance is unfounded
And by its abyss
I’m not always surrounded
Unbound and I’m often astounded
How free
It seems I really am
To choose my
Apr 4 · 22
New Home
Finding my form again
Feel I fit in here
It’s clear
I might finally,
Even belong
Unbeknownst to new neighbors
Who don’t get me wrong
Are as friendly as anywhere
But unaware
Of what brought me this far
Across country and crisis
Identity all too indulgent
In vices
By the lack of success
In life’s prices
And though cost of living
Outweighs the last state
An invaluable solace
I feel in this place
Apr 3 · 27
Ocean Beach
Shrooms in simplicity
Shared synchronicity
Spectrum sensations
Of sol serendipity
Closing my eyes
I see myriad skies
And the waves serenade me
With past me goodbyes
And by setting on shorelines
Beheld its disguise
Whilst immersed in a party
Of similar minds
Mar 29 · 46
Last Night Around
Forget me
Just let me
Fade into oblivion
I know a million
Plus times
I’ve been living in
Such a concurrent
Can’t escape
By this dreaded state
It’s the kind
New beginnings
Can’t even suspend
Like a sickness of mind
I cannot comprehend
Only go on pretending
I staunchly still strive
To convince myself otherwise
Try to survive
Mar 26 · 39
The Organizer
Out of touch,
Out of tune,
Out of step with the times
Yet among a bit younger
Still often reminds
Me respect
Is upbringing
Integrity walks
And when court is in session
The leadership talks
Orchestrates the defense
Sets the pace of attack
And with sportsmanship
Runs any losses right back
Mar 25 · 31
Negative Thoughts
Avoid designating
Refrain from disclaiming
Them all as unwanted
Inimical maiming
Of mental health
In the abstract
What is that?
Except failure to separate
Me from the act
Of what finds its way
Into my head
As it coils and hisses
What I like to dread
Mar 24 · 29
After hundreds of these
Sordid entries
Sharing with you
You might think
I get tired
Exhausted all options
But even now clueless
I write it as often
As coffins compile,
Uplifting inspires,
Attraction beguiles,
Or nature makes fires
And only attempt
To divest it from her
When the last several
Still sit in silence
And were
Or not yet complete
There will always be more ways to say
Or repeat it
Mar 23 · 38
The Aura
The one and only
Eye beholden
To a work of art’s
Is induced,
Mass reproduced
This day in age
How disengaged
We have become
How inauthentic
Pixels dumb
Us down and numb us
To the sun
Last time I saw it through a lens
Of not on Instagram depends
To deem its gleam
Value aesthetic
More synthetic
Than cosmetic
Mar 22 · 24
Given away
I was so close to seeing you
Stuck in debating
Extraneous being true
Wasted all semblance
Of once we were there’d
And instead favored wavering
How much I cared
How I shared it was worse
More infrequent,
In all sorts of warped
Bending mind
Out of shapes
Anything but the form
Of the time that it takes
From us aging, decaying,
And drifting apart
From diminished roles playing
Their part in the heart
Mar 20 · 108
Marketing Techniques
What you’re eating
Out of season
Like a beast
Devoid of reason
Isn’t needed,
Just desired
Just a craving
Soon expired
Fed the flesh of others’ labor
Global slavers
Have conspired
To consume, convince,
You to slobber for rewards
That good nutrition is
Consistent with
What gluttony affords
Just a vegan lion among sheep
Mar 19 · 42
It’s in fearing I would lose you
So ironically
I did
Although presuming that I “had” you
Was a claim
We’d both forbid
And so refraining
From what makes you
Say you’re happy
And me not
The never certainty
Poked holes into the plot  
And the conclusion
Was the usual
Disaster tragedy
But you remain
The most endearing,
Most enduring
Mar 18 · 36
The Underachiever
I can do more
I just choose not to
Watched it sink
Like Vanuatu
Never claimed
To frame perfection,
Can not blame me
For oppression
I just did
The best I could
A little evil
Greater good
Is how I justify
My silence,
A little violence
Now and then,
Determine when
The free will leads you
To the end
So judge me,
Resent me,
Curse me,
Question why
Some wants and needs
Remain unmet
How loving
Is my epithet
If all I give and take
Is kept
Within the mortal me mindset
And swept away
Someday decay
Without a second thought’s
Based on the Leibniz justification for the existence of a God
Mar 17 · 33
Coming of Age
Young and aware
Of what’s going on here
And you don’t want me telling
The world
I see clear
Through conspiracy theory
To blatant infringements,
Hear populist speech
As elitist enrichment
We get
That this globalized
Laundering scheme
Still comes at the expense
Of a kid’s right to dream
And with dignity,
Eat, play and love
Their identity
Deem what their destiny
Ought to be
Owed an apology
Long overdue
From the old leadership
Still afraid of the new
“And when our cubs grow, we’ll show you what war is good for”
  -“One Day as a Lion”, Zack de la Rocha
Mar 17 · 42
A million points of light
Single unit
Of reality
Reduced in half
To ad in-finite
Then I wonder
Who designed it?
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