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Dec 2016
you hurt me
they were all on your side
you told me to
i couldve died
you wouldnt have cared
i can still feel the wires
tangled around my neck
i cant help but feel scared
that you guys still feel this way
should i just let
these wires take me away??
im still upset about this
my friend and i got in a fight
and she told me to **** myself and that she hated me
and i tried to but couldnt
and i told my other friend and she didnt care cuz the girl who told me to **** myself was crying
and now i cant get over it
im worried no one cares
that everyone wants me dead
i probably should have died that day
it got bad
i became obsessed with her liking me
i had to have her approval for everything
and i still act like this
i need to stop
i need to leave her
zeph the deer boi
Written by
zeph the deer boi  nyc <3
(nyc <3)   
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