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Dec 2016
you knew i was fragile but instead of
wrapping me up in tissue paper and gingerly placing me out of harms way
you doused me in lighter fluid, lit a match, turned your back, and walked away
i dont need you to tell me that my body is a temple
my mind is too, stop acting like im simple
the way you speak down to me as if its just your nature
but i am not your ***** and you are not some savior
i want to shape you into some resemblence of a person
i should be thanked, not treated like a burden
i am a girl with hope and love and motivation
i trust that if theres god you could not be his creation
i dont care about your opinions or your family or your town
because you've never acted like its good that im around

i've decided that i'm better than you and your remarks
i am wonderful and interesting and maybe even smart
so ******* with the way you strut your harsh demeanor
you will never be a human, just a parasitic creature
Written by
   Nick Moser
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