Dec 2016

I cannot help feeling the way that I feel
or doing the things that I do;
acting the way I'm not supposed to.
For I have not the discipline to do so.

Your presence is powerful, and intense..
it overwhelms me completely
and takes control of me.
For that moment, it's an eternity.

I am rendered helpless..
in a state of mind in which I cannot think
clearly, nor focus or believe
in anything other than you.

Everything that I have learned.
Everything that I have built myself upon
has vanished. No rules or religion can
deter me to think otherwise.

I am at your mercy,
whether your intent was to do so or not;
it's how I feel, and it's how I am
when I'm with you.

Alvin Llanos
Written by
Alvin Llanos  Syracuse, NY
(Syracuse, NY)   
   --- and Alvin Llanos
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