Alvin Llanos Dec 2016

Her supple and shapely silhouette rests submissively
as the luster upon the soft satin sheets arouses
sensual images of salaciousness beneath the sheen surface

My empty yet enduring eyes slowly engage the darkness
eager to embark upon the elusive lines energizing the elation
as a sojourning moon entices her to endear

Her excelling exuberance... exploited on exhalation
exposing her explicitly; exemplifying the excerpt
of an exonerated experience as the moonlight expires

Written on 12/12/2016.
Alvin Llanos Dec 2016

As a blooming rose
unveils a Winter's first mask
Her smile enslaves me

Written on 12/10/2016.
Alvin Llanos Dec 2016

It sits there, amongst its brethren.
Thrown in the back, out of view...
behind his newer, pristine siblings.

Brought onto the shelf, exactly the same
as the rest; having the same goodness
sought by all who absolutely love soup.

Yet, this can is overlooked...
by virtue of a small tear on its label.
Condemned by an insignificant imperfection.

Encased in steel, lined with tin;
the delicious ambrosia is preserved
equally across its line.

Its label is a mere distinction
of what is truly of worth...
what's inside.

Written on 12/09/2016.
Alvin Llanos Dec 2016

Like the faint speckles of light
piercing through fabrics of black silk
upon the fore of flickering flames
from an ensemble of a thousand tealights

The obscure vast extends beyond our perspective
opening our minds, birthing visual imagery
brought upon by this vivid intimacy
between the light and of the dark

Like ornate embroidery, leisurely sewn
as clouds transform while traversing the temporal expanse
revealing our past through portraits
of familiarities once anew

The romantic serenity politely interrupted
by wisps of wind that softly whisper
feeling their breath; as a caress of silk
delicately brushing against our skin

As the warmth of earth upon which our bodies rest
holds us closely as our souls explore
the everlasting and exclusive wonders
under the night sky

Written on 12/05/2016.
Alvin Llanos Dec 2016

I can see it in their eyes
their disdain piercing through
my ignorant gaze
rolling in discontent
weakening my resolve
as they close to dismiss
my very existence

I can hear it in their voices
with deliberate tones of sarcasm
to destroy my esteem
throwing facetiously coy remarks
to challenge my will
outnumbered in unison
to quell me into silence

Written on 11/18/2016.
Alvin Llanos Dec 2016

Only when it's gone have I realized the special things I've lost
Having you explicitly with all of your heart
To hold you close to me in a warm embrace
To be able to talk to you and look you in the face
To spend those nights with you sleeping at your side
Too many times have I denied

Only when it's gone have I realized the things I loved most
Having you close to me and never apart
To do those little things that make you smile
To love you without apprehension or denial
To be open with you without trial
Too many times have I been so hostile

Only when it's gone have I realized all of the mistakes I've made
Having done so little to prevent us from falling apart
Not listening to you with an open mind
Allowing myself to fall far behind
Not helping you when life became so entwined
Too many times have I been so blind

How I regret so much for the time I've ill-spent
How sorry I will be as I begin to repent
For taking your love for granted.

Written on 03/30/2005.
Alvin Llanos Dec 2016

I cannot help feeling the way that I feel
or doing the things that I do;
acting the way I'm not supposed to.
For I have not the discipline to do so.

Your presence is powerful, and intense..
it overwhelms me completely
and takes control of me.
For that moment, it's an eternity.

I am rendered helpless..
in a state of mind in which I cannot think
clearly, nor focus or believe
in anything other than you.

Everything that I have learned.
Everything that I have built myself upon
has vanished. No rules or religion can
deter me to think otherwise.

I am at your mercy,
whether your intent was to do so or not;
it's how I feel, and it's how I am
when I'm with you.

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