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Jun 2018
How do you value those who touched you?
Where none has ever touched
including yourself
those who have drunk from the streams
of your warm wet body with the palms of their hands
but their thirst remains unquenched
and those whose feelings you touched.
What about those who have fallen into abyss of your heart
a heart that is too steep to climb.

Is your inner most feelings?
The furthest distance to reach
Those who left themselves could not reach you
And couldn’t return as they left themselves
Not with their courageous heart but breathing lungs
Locked in memories: remembering embracing you in their chest
Or shaking hands with your breast
Dreaming of dancing together with tongues
Your breath deep in their lungs

What is that is so lovely in your unlikeable ways?
Truth doesn’t lie in the lips but in the tongue is the taste
why did you kiss their cold cheeks with your burning lips?
Look at their faces: immutable and possessed
Perceptions erased, impressions effaced
A flag raised half-mast
An emblem of your love
Look at them: weary and weak
One of them so wicked and
Another, he and his flesh went separate ways
Leaving his skin hugging his bones
Christmas tree is lovelier of all tress
But has no shade or bore no fruit
Your beauty is no more than
A hidden veil of your weakness
So mysterious- a public secret

Why did you make them walk away?
Were they not worthy or obliged to stay
Who taught you how to dance in another tune?
A rhythm different from the beats of the drums
what is it that you are not doing right? Or
Are You what most find it difficult to love?
And what almost everyone find it hard to leave?
Written by
harun shukri  M
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