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harun shukri Jan 16
Read the message once!
Never twice
Petrified to read again.
As if reading again
Will be my rejection.

Sorrows of over joy
Or Satisfaction
Or escaping
Long, lost pain of love

Never looked at it over again.
And never deleted.
I carried her text everywhere.
every word close to me.
As if frail, each letter held with care.

It all began with a ding- tone.
Sound of my phone
My eyes scanning.
Horizontal row of letters
Spelling a word

From word to word
To word for word
Segment written between
Spaces and punctuation
Positioned in a linear form.

Line after a line
to the last line
I read with my restless eye,
And pacing mind
And pounding heart
emotional in deep commotion
harun shukri Feb 2022
Nothing in this world
Past or old
Foretold or yet to unfold
Remains untold

Those who came and went
Know life is for rent
harun shukri Jun 2018
You are a revelation 
A saint, a sinner-a definition 
Of an angel with evil 
Ways of a good devil 
Part of me hates you 
And repulse the way I love you   

A lover dependent on the unknown 
Unknown, unnamed as you    

You lightened up my life 
And you lower me down- I strife  Lifting me high 
You let me down – to fall 

You are a city 
Whose ways are wicked 
You blame yourself 
And only praise yourself   

  I am all twisted and turned  Tuned, shaped- undefined
And  inaudible

My mind thinks 
What my body cannot link 
to my heart that doesn’t trust  What my soul thinks it must    

And a sense of absence 
An absence of sense 
A sense of meaning 
Of living or staying 
have I given in too much 
To give up ?
Tamed to be dominated?
harun shukri Jun 2018
Your love is bleak 
Just like where I came from
  Far away 
Days and miles way 
Under the scorching heat of burning light 
And freezing cold of trembling night 
Against the blowing wind of  Drought season-Dusty and dry 
 Dry as the drained streams-dead  Lifeless as the barren land 
That on my way
  I passed by
harun shukri Jun 2018
What happens to hope when all hope  Is gone and you still hope?  When you wish and the wish  Granted is more than your wish?  When you think and think till you can’t think  Any more than what your mind is limited to think of? 
When your doors are half closed and half open? 
When truth is stripped naked to bare lies? 
When all roads lead to safety and ease  but solutions fails and options end?   

What do you own and who owns you? 
How often do you receive with your lower hands 
Efforts of sincere only for your sake 
Why is your love so ugly and hatred your beauty? 
Why do you war not against enemies? But within yourself    What makes you doubtful? 
To believe in your own 
Are those protecting you from evil?  Acting evil themselves? 

Why like a chameleon, are you confused with colours? 
Who will relief your grief’s and lift your burden? 
Why are you sick with love?  Uncured from hatred?   
And deceased as your peace  Why are your sins not pardoned? 
After all are you dead? 
Or still alive
To somalia
harun shukri Jun 2018
My patiency is bearer of your burden 
When solution desires to be solved 
When remedy needs to be cured  When river’s thirst needs to be quenched 
And answers inevitability to be questioned 

An ideology without faith 
Scared of your beauty,
yet it is in your beauty 
I hope, And I dream
but in my sleep I could not find you
Could not even find myself    

No one is same as the other 
As no one is same as you 
When lovers remain with lovers  And others go to others 
I will find one who understands Understands he who understands 
  He who knows, knows himself
harun shukri Jun 2018
In front of a mirror
My eyes stare at me
And my own eyes stares back to myself
A hand’s finger touches a cheek
And inspects the nose
Another hand tracing the mouth

I whisper to my soul
Lips moved up and down
“Don’t worry” I said
Speaking to my weighty heart
A pause…
Of coziness,
Shadowed by Uncertainty
A moment of a thousand interpretation

Turned and tuned
Twisted and shaped
All concluded in a web of answers
Noticeable closely
My other self is examining me-
Me who is preoccupied by self
Possessed by a blessed curse
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