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Nov 2016
In a dwelling on Lake Geneva
In a dank and doomy room
The grandiloquent guests did their best
To pass the tedious time of gloom

To excite their thirsty imaginations
Byron suggested all write a story
He specified it must be ghostly
Phantasmal, or gory  

So Mary Shelley set to work
A most dutiful and diligent scribe
Scratching marks of Genius
On paper for the reading tribe

Invoking from imagination
She contrived a most appalling creature
But it’s not the one that you’d expect
It was the Dr’s conscience that was the most terrifying feature

The parable of men’s meddling
Is conjured fast as lightning
The potency of Mary’s vision
Is such it’s truly frightening

With tale sublime she renders the creature
A thing of neglect, deserving of pity
Her musings are so fierce, divine,
Her insights so wry and witty

For all his grand creations
Man is next to nature impotent
Only the latter is all-knowing
And omnipotent

Project finished, they gather round
To listen to the others' stories
After the test they decide Mary’s is best
She walks away with all the glory

So that is how our famous fable
Was woven in to existence
It was sublime and transcended time
And stayed in our librarys' persistent
Megan Sherman
Written by
Megan Sherman
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