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Light is dying, my spark squashed, gasping for one last crackle
Made into an effigy of a loser by harsh hands, adorned with knives
That slap me in to submission
And cut off all the residual fat of my compassion
Till what is left of me is not nature
But a bundle of gray neuroses
And an acidic bitterness that dissolves joy
Words are my sanctuary
Words that convey affection
That, like magic, move in my ears and brain
It’s a game of roulette if electricity’s commute through the body is cruel or kind
I am constantly looking for another heart to mimic the light of my own, divine echolocation
I like compassion that isn’t thoughtlessly advertised
Compassion that isn’t just a slogan to afford faceless corporate monoliths an air of humanity, who all year, all around the world, wage war on human brotherhood and love
True compassionate acts are currency of a gift economy which creates a multiplier effect for optimal outcomes
The fine tuned science of solidarity
One day I will talk of depression in the past tense
And be an ocean of strength and prominent in the universe
May 22 · 51
These things
Megan Sherman May 22
These things I feel: that love is pure
One’s Heart the muscle of prayer
Love’s chambers behind Heaven’s door
Benevolent spirit dwells in there

These things I see: the dancing wilds
Faeries with bells and feathers on
A sanctuary for the inner child
Down valleys, in rivers run

These things I hear: the baby birds
Whose music never dies
Who sing rather than do the verbs
Voice deeper than the skies

These things I smell: freedom’s air
Liberty for all
Peace, the mistress who end despair
And dissolve oppression’s wall

These things I taste: the kiss of sun
Passionate fire of celestial disc
Through which the cosmic fires run
For which Icarus pledged risk

These things I know: that life is love
That nature is a hymn
Sung to flights of angels
Those glorious cherubim
Mar 20 · 84
Megan Sherman Mar 20
Thy tears, beget of my mistake, fall down
In mutual despair destined to drown
No gesture suffice to make apology
I the lost, beleaguered devotee
Perspective of thy pain makes me lament
The hour of thy summer duly spent
I wish thee golden aura, sent to heal
In Love pure and deep as ocean hear my appeal

When your sky collapse with thunderbolts
That strike upon thy heart and give it welts
I pray for thy redemption by Heaven's hand
Saving thee from oppressed shore and sand
The hour of thy winter transient
Seasonal the bloom of my lament
For times grand as gold fires yet to receive
In Love, thy sullied Soul's finest reprieve
It happens often that Love dies
The Heart's sparks quenched one by one
Inaugurating a bleaker sky
Than that which ruled when Love begun

Experience suppresses the Heart's song
And hides the passionate impulse
But to deny Love remiss, path of wrong
Which only ignorant spirits chase

A human tragedy that Love obscure
And that we dwell in hate and war
Bereft of divine peace

Let minds conceive of Love's perfection
And bow to it in genuflection
The eternal wisdom apace
I've scarcely felt a Love so pure

Or rare as crystal ocean

For he irresistible to adore

Puts my heart in infinite motion

My passion bleeds from my desire

Overwhelms and possesses me

Till I can do nothing but admire

His shining spirit, raw and free

What fine art could frame thy face

And capture thy immortal grace

Soul carved from god's gold

You, my friend, are an image of Divinity

I, in awe of your magnanimity

A blistering spirit to behold
In the carnival of time, worlds are abloom

Stars blaze on in song in the cosmic jamboree

A revelry to raise the spirit, stoke the soul

And fill the heart with sparks and glee
Mar 5 · 37
The ether not yet harnessed to form

By irrepressible thought, the mind's art

Conceptions as pure as the Lord's Heart

Dreamt by the free, wandering intellect

The force of dreams moulds reality

Life filtered through the prism of mind

Borne aloft to destiny refined

By imagination powerful in awesome totality
Mar 5 · 27
A Happier Fate
A happier fate blesses my age
Than that which marred my youth
And now I have the inner peace of a sage
Who the wisdom of Heaven hath

In place of pain I find joy
Deep blisses which fly to Earth
From God, who human liberation enjoys
And blesses souls with divine birth
The fire of Divinity is eternal in Love
And stokes the soul which fell from grace
Love is Divinity with a human face
In which the spirit of Heaven move

Love blesses Hearts with the grace of God
Which flies to Earth from cosmos supreme
And renders life as golden as dream
A truth to raise and lift the downtrod
Mar 5 · 31
Ode to Jesus
Ode to Jesus:

So that your wisdom may find power
I pray that men will listen with open mind
Match your solidarity with humankind
That manifests in your love, hour by hour

May the insight borne of your perception find life
In the study of righteous devotees
Who heaven and God and angels please
When to philosophy they become wife

Your teachings are an infinite treasure
Whose virtues have no mortal measure
Such things are made to be adored

In your own age you were maligned
But the righteousness of time is aligned
To your supreme wisdom, for which love implores.
Megan Sherman Feb 17
Valleys of Heaven, adorned with angels

And bright with holy spirit, which blaze supreme

Is the land of brilliant divine marvels

That manifest in decadent realm of dreams

Heaven preaches sublime philosophy, Love's virtues

A cosmic ethic, second nature to a sage

The divine rubric, which dissolves illusion's ruse

Rules across an enchanted age
Megan Sherman Feb 17
Ganesh, my Lord, enchanting child

The wisdom that is his is ours

For Love he wakes me to go wild

To live in Heaven's eternal hour

He makes me start the world again

And redeem the ancient lore

A magical and sublime friend

His virtues keen and sure
Megan Sherman Feb 17
Love is a perfect work of art

Coveted, a priceless artefact

That represents the spirit of the Heart

Which finds revelry in Passion's fact

The birth of Love is a moment of beatitudes

Where ten thousand suns blaze on in song

That light the sky of Heart's latitudes

Where Divinity resides on horizon along

And so cherishable ardour blesses me

Borne aloft to my cosmic destiny

By human Passion pure and free
Megan Sherman Feb 17
I rise, like a phoenix from the embers
To my cosmic destiny, by Love enrolled
To write passion cross your Heart's chambers
In streams of dreams and fires of gold

I spread, like the light of a rainbow
Across my life, in age educated
Of the Joy that Heart's passion sew
And therein I feel bliss, elated

And now there is reason to rejoice
Since in the throne of angels I reside
Giving form to Heavenly voice

I serenade World's youth, she innocent
Abloom with sublime Beauty
Under stars' celestial tent
Megan Sherman Feb 17
Though moral decay breeds soul's corruption

That offends Heaven, which desires purity

Still all spirits are vibrant with virtue's commotion

Possessed of passionate charity

Humanity is perverse indeed if void of care

For that beyond oneself, bigger than the ego

But such estrangement from Heaven's philosophy indeed is rare

Mutual concern abloom like rainbow

In Love pure hearts are kin

Passion a greater force than apathy

For passion has a world to win

Yet decline threatens the virtues

Which are precarious, transient

Man's moral ambivalence does God amuse
Megan Sherman Feb 17
If any magic could equal that potent spell

Of your own spirit, which I observe thankfully

The world would be redeemed of hell

Seeds of Heaven by magic plant carefully

My Heart, sensitive to passion, makes

Fierce fire in mimicry of your divine light

Enchants my sight with sublime Beauty that takes

Me captive, and therein my soul's flight
Megan Sherman Feb 17
I've never felt a Love so pure

As this, a magnificent flame of gold

My devoted soul enwrapt by passion raw

As Beauty of Love unwind, unfold

I've never been as delirious

As this, in divine trance

Enchanted by pleasures amorous

Consist in heavenly romance
Megan Sherman Feb 17
A spirited love of Democracy is

The sublime virtue, for such a passion

Unites the Heart and society, in divine liaison

In which humanity's heavenly destiny fruitions with ease

Love wakes the demos and gives it wings

Its flight majestic, salute by God

The democracy of the angel squad

A guide for the soul of man, and Heaven to Earth brings

To Liberty, the love of which I speak sings

Fierce rebellion against tyranny abloom

For Freedom, most cherishable of things

Time demands liberation of the soul

From the chains of servitude that suppress it

And repress the communion of one with all
Feb 12 · 52
Cosmos of splendor
Megan Sherman Feb 12
Cosmos of splendor
Bless me with thy magic
Blaze in heavenly glory
And dance in liberty
Thy Beauty is immortal
Transcendent, eternal
The couture of Heaven
A divine revelry
Feb 12 · 39
Fires of gold
Megan Sherman Feb 12
Fires of gold
Are thine aura
Rivers of passion
Are thy heart
Infinite flowers
Are thy spirit
Image of Heaven
Is thy soul
Feb 12 · 42
Pearls of wisdom
Megan Sherman Feb 12
Pearls of wisdom
Adorn my God
His Love is crystal
And shared by all
The philosophy of Heaven
Known to mystics
Preaches compassion
Infinite flower
Feb 12 · 21
Divinity is truth
Megan Sherman Feb 12
Divinity is truth
The kernel of reality
Wisdom is internal
Native to the spirit
The soul is a song
A tribute to the Gods
Life on Earth
Their sublime artistry
Feb 12 · 37
Dreaming of Heaven
Megan Sherman Feb 12
Sing to the stars
To see me smile
Dreaming of Heaven
Just for a while
This night belongs
To lovers divine
The purest songs
From Heart do shine
Feb 12 · 35
Megan Sherman Feb 12
Be present
And breathe
Laugh often
And fight less
Keep sane
But run wild
Let go
And dream
Megan Sherman Feb 12
Peace is a state of mind
That consciously manifests
Comprised of rainbows
As pure as the core of a star
The world abloom
Is a symphony
Sonata of the summer
Half the song of God
Feb 12 · 23
Love is divine fire
Megan Sherman Feb 12
Love is divine fire
Breathed from the mouth of God
She is cosmic passion
Which from the ether pours
Love is dove
Pure and rare as ocean
She takes me to her treasure trove
And I walk soft in that golden grove
Megan Sherman Feb 12
May your world be bright with dreams

And the magic of Love hold you captive

May summers of the mind bless you

And eternal inspiration be yours

May divine fires stoke your spirit

And cosmic passion touch your soul

May sublime beauty enchant you

And the wisdom of God be yours
So much of Life invisible
Worlds hidden within
Their imperceptible music
Leads to conclusion
Reality is more than can be observed
But contempt for Faith is bred
But what's brushed away as phantasy
Are phenomena through Nature spread
The Cherubs in their glory sing
For the heavenly father's delight
Aspiring on golden wing
In epic, elegant flight

Delirium of Heaven they
Convey in angel song
Zooming under suns fierce rays
Which casts aglow the angel throng

And not a Devil could repress
Their liberating tune
Anathema to darkness
Descant of the noon
When my time is over, and reaper calls

And I have ceased to breathe

I will live in waterfalls

In flowers, and in trees

Life is but an interlude

In our cosmic voyage

Such knowledge should all grief denude

As I turn to the next page
How many times these lips have spoken

Of a deep distress

By trials of life my spirit broken

And so the Devil boasts success

But I comprehend better days

May be heading in

My lips may yet learn happier ways

World's joy is mine to win
To cry of Love like poets do

Is my aspiration, destiny

To sing of what's divine and true

Instinctual to me

My song shall weary world regale

Heaven's descant mine to wield

An augury the bards will hail

Its words to God appeal
Eternity works behind the scenes

All time a hidden guest

In the mansion of mortality

Where souls must come to rest
The future is a foreign land

We aren't accustomed to

The destination can't be planned

Adventure lost if its form we knew
The Rainbow is a liquor strong

Inebriate of it am I

The Rainbow belts out seven songs

To serenade the lonely sky

That honeyed bow, ablaze, alight

Wends through sky, celestial arc

Dominates the air with majestic sight

Imbued by bright and cosmic spark

Blooms into view when sun meets showers

A disc of cosmic joy

Imbued with deep and magic powers

That enchant the day
Feb 6 · 40
A Ruby in the Sky
A Ruby in the Sky

To crown Heaven and Earth

Significant to heathens

Gives life the breadth of world's girth

Within her, fiercest fire

How many worship her

And salute her Beauty bright

A treasure rare and pure
Feb 6 · 26
"Divinity" is what we feel-
Communion - between God - and Heart
Love - eclipse - the sorrow
Divinity - God's spirit's Art
Divinity is what we see
In Nature - majestic altar
And testament - to harmony
Divinity - as pure as water
Divinity is what we hear
As birds salute the noon
Their soft crescendo crowning Heaven
Divinity is Nature's boon
Divinity is what we know
Before - ever - we are taught
Instinct - surpass - Reason
Divinity is mutual rapport
Divinity is where all souls reside
Bright citadel - of creator's Love
Eclipses - treasures - of the Earth
That museums have
Divinity is a state of mind
Lucid - suffused with light
Enamored of - soul of God
In its inimitable flight
Feb 6 · 43
Besides my dreams
Besides my dreams
My spirit grows
Besides my dreams
The cosmos flows
Imagination suffice
To nourish dreams
That come on a beam
In subtle streams
The liquor of the moment churns
An intoxication for which I yearn
The world has no right my dreams to spurn
A blessed way my dreams discern
I shall indulge my nascent fantasies,
Decorate reality with contagious heresies
Besides my dreams
My soul regaled
Besides my dreams
I am not failed
My spirit fights for freedom
For all humanity
For Earth is tyrant's kingdom
A morally bankrupt fraternity

I've pondered revolution
And will to see it come
Mass power is the solution
That will bring democracy home

Rebellion is felt not taught
'Tis the province of virtue
Disobedience must tyrant fight
To redeem what's right and true

When rebellion comes, the tyrant fears
The downfall of his master plan
A baron's endgame taints our years
Derived from when society began

In possessive pursuit of power
The tyrant jails the democrats
Incarcerated for an immortal hour
By preening, imperial rats

But solidarity transcends jails
Their perimeters fragile, weak
And public enlightenment fast corrects
The tyrants' plethora of mistakes

Socialism is the sublime destiny
Heaven dare not forfend
It oft begins in mutiny
The working class a loyal friend

A hallowed thing, October
Into a new horizon
Its art suffice to save the soul
From devil's liasion
Feb 6 · 42
Visions of infinity
Visions of infinity
Enfold me and my receptive mind
I am immortal in eternity
All time lucid and refined

As all the heavens reveal themselves
And being rapt in awe
I embrace the higher realms
And voyage through perceptions' door

And when I flew through creation
Upon my guardian angel's wings
My mind soared in elation
As celestial beings in worship sing

Infinity thwart the transient
Adorned by immortal forms
Beneath the giant, divine tent
Of Heaven's sky, it is not torn

Of cosmos I am an initiate
It heavenly couture
To witness creation is my fate
A vision rare and pure
I felt a spark inside my Heart
The jolt, ecstatic surge
Did my repressed passion start
Dare I satisfy Love's urge?

Spark violate the stupor
Begun in heartache past
I do not dwell there anymore
To cherish you I must

Electricity's commute
From body to the brain
Gives you a loyal salute
As passion cascades, rains

Rare creature tell me, if you feel
As ardently as I
My feelings suffice to be sung
In the Poet's cry

'Twas in our destiny to meet
Draw nearer, till we kiss
I walk now on much surer feet
That cleave a path to bliss
Perhaps I am not made for Life
Too sensitive to breathe
My soul has faced a Devil's knife
And for innocence I grieve
The flowers like ballerinas danced

There seemed to rise a show

For all Nature's spectators

To see a flower grow

In resplendent hues alit by sun

Abloom at summer's zenith

Through their roots the cosmic fires run

Bright petals beheld by spirits blithe

Pure vision of Life enfolds the wild

Its Beauty soars like a kite on the breeze

Not by man or reason defiled

The kingdom of the trees
I think all lives are welcome

To dwell in Heaven pure

Inviting beleaguered spirit home

For Jesus to adore

The majesty of God, Love's source

Enlightens human mind

Moved by compassion, not by force

By Heaven's heart refined

Certainty of Angel's sun

A faith as pure as child

All lives in Heaven are as one

Waking to go wild
Victory is Peace at last

Not ******, tyrant's whim

Freedom's flag upon Peace's mast

Suffice to inspire hymns

I pray for war's decay

But the cold machine

Dominates the day

Oppresses human dreams
My madness is my sense

A prism on the Truth

One apart from Reason

Which deny fine fluent fire of Zeus

Communion with the divine

Liberates me from Reality

Wisdom of Heaven is surely mine

Superior to normality
Winged souls be messengers

From the higher realms

We the wearied passengers

Of Life, God at the helm

Birdsong symbolic of creation

Angels deliver Truth

Butterflies? Heavenly attraction

Of Beauty rare forsooth
My Life is lived for passion

It yet remains to see

If Love's romantic fusion

Will deliver bliss to me

In Love souls happy to conceive

Of Heart's immortal creed

My Life is defined by belief

Obeying Heart will leave us free
Feb 5 · 35
In summers of my mind
In summers of my mind

I felt a nascent Love

So pure that it astonished me

Beau as a turtle dove

Time and Love both intertwined

By Heaven's philosophy

True unity of Heart and divine

Shames fake affection's sophistry

I smiled - "How great this be!"

Reality a sublime dream

Decorated by Love's grand artistry

That mezmerizes, gleams

Now happiness is no pursuit

But the destination I enjoy

Dreaming and dwelling in heavenly cahoots

For an eternal day
Of Time I ask one favour

That I will live to see

The liberation of the human race

From gray tyranny

Society's a prison

Where souls are warped, defaced

Anathema to Heaven

In which the spirit's freedom based

The crimes of Power 'gainst the mass

Astronomical, beyond compare

But we destined to walk on freer grass

As we drink up freedom's air

Ecstacies of Liberty

Inheritance of the World

Could this fate come to be

Before my years are culled
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