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Nov 2016
As I lay down in this prison bed,
patiently waiting for my skin to shed,
I recall the memories of life,
memories that are long gone along with my might.
I wait patiently for death to take me,
eagerly waiting for the end that I can see.
I see darkness and light alike,
for I was blinded by fate's might.
Slowly I close my eyes that cannot see,
to imagine the things that could have been.

Now my consciousness drifts away,
yet I feel I'm wide awake,
I can hear the drifting snow,
I can see the energy flow,
I can feel the light pass through,
I can smell the tea that's just been brewed.
Yet I'm slowly drifting away,
growing weaker everyday.

I recall my youth,
when I was a pitiful boy,
unable to have a life,
for I was somebody else's toy.

Later in my life,
I decided to change,
wanted to clear up the shame,
I'd brought upon my family name.
I married to a wife,
not to have a lonely life.
I had a bunch of kids,
who I could give my inheritance bit by bit.
But they all died in strange ways,
it's the Gods' will,
what can I say?

Now I stay here all alone,
all my grandchildren think I'm gone.
But I'll shortly be on my way,
I just had these things to say.
Goodbye everybody I'll soon be gone,
heading for another dimension,
hopefully it won't be too long

Written by
Marian Kutra  18/M/Albania
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