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Nov 2016
I roved on a breeze,
Searching for the sounds that snare,
Ah! I’ve reached the seas!

Music of the beach:
In clement climes calypso
Sounds riot, mad, hot.

The kooky notes bounce,
Calling limbs to undulate,
Putting spark in them.

It's celebration,
Worship of life, love, laughter,
Expressed in bold style.

Limbs swing loose, the dance
in zest protests the squat, staid sky,
as bleak as a dirge.

Another music:
Waves crush, crashing over me,
Sounds like maracas.

Churning itself the
Sea has enigmatic sounds
Off the spectrum of

Perception. Our ears,
Too blunted by the loud world,
Hears sea’s beauty not.

Ocean's nocturne lost,
Sea-creature symphonies that
Elude our dulled ears.

Too fine tuned for ads,
telly, society's safe sounds
which cut, sever us

from the raw, primal
sounds of the earth, the sounds which
hide in shells, caves, seas.

Man's sound is sullied
In nature's eyes, we are just
White noise, meaning nil.

Roving home I stop,
Thinking of ways to listen
to her speak her soul.
Megan Sherman
Written by
Megan Sherman
   Jamadhi Verse
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