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Nov 2016
It isn’t hard to explain
You do my head in
There, can I make it any more plain
You dress like a man
Make love like the dead
Does anything else need to be said
So without further ado
I say goodbye from me to you
Okay well said
Here she comes
Right, go for it
Darling, darling you look great
New dress, suits your hair
Let’s go to lunch
Bottle of champagne
Lets just celebrate us
What the hell is wrong with you
Your like one who flew over the cuckoo
Just spit it out
Darling there’s something I have to say
Let’s get married today
What are you saying, have you lost the plot
It’s dumping day, not love me nots
Now be a man
Darling I would just like to say
Don’t say anything Paul, I’m dumping you, goodbye
What, you can’t just dump me, you need a build up
It’s dump protocol
Come back
I need to tell you something
Come back, don’t go…………………………….
Written by
Gaffer  United Kingdom
(United Kingdom)   
   ---, ---, Sirenes, Ramin Ara, --- and 3 others
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