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Oct 2016
(Zion Saga, Part 3)

The old man stood on a mountaintop surveying all he could see
The young man beside him looked into his eyes, yellow with age
You will go into this future land of Kings and a Queen, said the sage
My Lord says I will inherit the dirt here, not the paradise in front of me

But you are our leader, savior of our people, bringer of our laws
Is it not right that you would bring us here, into our promised land
of milk and honey, of peace and prosperity, of G-d's open hand?
You fought your weakness at the Bush, you fought for Zion's cause

You used your powerful staff to mesmerize the Pharaoh's magicians
Your faith in God was evident as you cast it's spell and ate the rods
of the Egyptian Ruler's best; and when he still would not listen, G-d's
Wrath touched Pharaoh's officials but touched not the land of Goshen

So many adventures among even a rich history before us, impelled
you to set down these elaborate tales of miracles for the Chosen Few
Those with the minds for understanding and the right to know, too
They'll see this sacred knowledge you have written; I'll protect it well

Farewell, old friend and mentor, you have led us to the promised land
We have been borne out of a rabble of slaves into a blessed nation
You, our leader, stay if you must, but new leaders, Zion may shun
I fear we may collapse without you, and return to acts G-d has banned

And one more thing, do me a small yet important favor, please
Write down everything we talked about here this afternoon
Just scribble it down anywhere in here, or the margins will do
For I will not write, and since there's just me and you ....
Stefan Michener
Written by
Stefan Michener
   sunprincess and Doug Potter
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