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Feb 2017
My friend is my mobile device, Apple is my brand
Where I can see the world in the palm of my hand.

It goes where I go.
It is my cargo.

I Twitter if I need news.
I periscope if I get the blues.

To find great pictures I use Instagram.
Whatever you do don't send me spam.

And on snap chat please like comment and share
you can do something risque if you dare.

Oh and don't forget to follow friend and subscribe.
But for you I will not circumscribe.

I have no time for verbal conversation
I must check my Facebook notifications.

everyone loves me on all of my channels.
I could teach every one how to ride a camel.

And when I'm hungry I check out Yelp and Foursquare.
So I can find only the best restaurants I swear.

I have the menu before I arrive.
I see so many people who are deprived.

No one can argue their point with me.
Because I will google it Bing it or Yahoo all three.

If you make a post on Facebook don't make me catch you in a lie.
I will check Snopes, Hoaxes and Truth or fiction I'm not shy.
David Huggett
Written by
David Huggett  60/M/Regina, Saskatchewan
(60/M/Regina, Saskatchewan)   
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