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Jan 22 · 662
The final chapter
David Huggett Jan 22
Good old Hawk. He was quite a guy. The truth of the matter was that Hawk was a needle freak. He was hooked on morphine. He had hepatitis. There was a whole in Hawk's arm where all the money went. Sad but true. Except for enough money for two beers for the Hawk and me.
Who has to hear it. No one, everyone. Needles can be useful for medicine: they can also be a curse. You pierce the skin and feel the ruch and the juices flow unil you get your fill. But there never is a fill until it's over. Don't kid yourself. It will be over because it's a dead end trip.
You'll crash at the end of your last trip. And the trip you have on earth will be on of misery and despair. Nirvana doesn't come cheap. Hundred dollars a day habit could lead to desperate measures. A life of crime, scamming, pawning, betting, borrowing, and stealing. I'm glad to say Hawk held himself above all this. It could not have been an easy road out to travel.

He overdosed three years before the end.
Hawk actually died and was revived by some kind of good fortune, or was it good fortune? Hawk after this had no memory or regular thought process. Hawk wasn't the same man after that. It was not a pretty sight. He was a hollow man, a mere shadow of his former self.

I grew tired of telling Hawk the same thing over and over again. He lived with us for a few years. He moved out into a group home which he didn't like -- too much macaroni. About six months later Hawk was found on the floor of the group home bedroom. This time he was really dead. I don't know if needles were involved. I never heard the details. I like to think needles were not involved for the last three years of Hawk's life. I know he was clean for all the time he stayed with us. However, a great deal of damage had already occurred when Hawk came to live with us.
Hawk was a night person. He would lie there on the couch watching TV all night long with our dog Ming faithfully by his side. They loved one another those two. They were soul mates. Hawk gave Ming her favorite toy -  a little blue ball.
Hawk never gave up. His sister would come with raspberry pie and Hawk would glow for a few days.
Anyway, I gave Hawks eulogy. The song for the eulogy, "The needle and the damage done" by Neil Young.
To soar like a Hawk. To crash into the ground.
I'd like to think his spirit soars like a hawk. Maybe now Hawk has found the peace he never found in this life.
Thank you Originaljustgeorge
Jan 21 · 174
Keyboard Warrior
David Huggett Jan 21
The keyboard warrior I am.
I can change the world from the palm of my hand.  

No need to leave the house.
Just give me my stupid mouse.

If I do not bend your will I will make you pay.
Says the keyboard warrior.
For this atrocious video that you made.

Get off the internet the warrior says

You need to take yourself to a grave.
And bury yourself at the end of the day.

When the warrior is finished with their comment
do they ever read it and stop just for a moment.

Or do you just click send.
Thinking this is the end.
Link to my video.
Jan 20 · 74
The Pot of Tea
David Huggett Jan 20
I had a party last night yes I did. I lay in my bed thinking of what had transpired the night before. Laying here and thinking.

I was not in trouble no no no. In fact, I was getting a promotion at work and the best way to celebrate my promotion was to have a party.

Living in downtown east side was not a popular place but I was on the 12 Th floor of a condominium and my guests could access my parkade and we had security so inviting them to my party to my place was not an issue.

I had begun my shopping the day before after work on Friday. I wanted to make sure that everything I was buying was fresh and that I was not using anything that was stale or had outdated its expiry date.

I also wanted to get foods that were exotic to impress everyone. The best way to do this is to go to the Asian food aisle of Superstore and Costco. Oyster sauce sounds good, so does shrimp chips, but not to much exotic stuff, maybe some standard lays potato chips and yes dip. Chip dip, the stuff that the double dippers love. Not that anyone from our office is a double dipper but people who love dip.

I rectified this problem of double dipping by having, not one big dipping bowl, but to have to carry around miniature dipping bowls. Little personalized glass bowls only 5 oz each.

These dipping bowls were an absolute hit.

Salsa in three strengths. Medium, hot and extreme. The extreme will have to be my own combination of hot salsa and 1/4 teaspoon of Daves insanity sauce. Hot hot hot.

The hot sauces will have to be well labeled so I will have to use the same little dishes for dipping with the writing "Mild" "Hot" and "Hot Hot". For this, I use the sticky note pads from work.

I have to make sure I do not use the popular yellow notepads. But instead, use the less popular pink notepads which management don't mind you taking from the office.

I will also need a shrimp ring, the one that comes complete with seafood sauce in the middle.

I feel so excited that I have been here in this office for three years now and have not had this opportunity to host my fellow workers with food and drink and *** .... oh no *** just taste and enjoyment.

I want to make this a night to remember. I need this. I want to know I have made it. I want to impress the office with my wit and ingenuity and the one way to do that is with food.

I am not going to go on about the title of this post, a *** of tea. But it is the only thing that nobody touched at the end of the party. Nobody touched my *** of tea. It sat there the entire night without anybody touching it.

The party was a hit, or so everyone said when they left that Saturday night.

Most everyone had to call a taxi because it was a "BYOB". Ok so if you don't understand what that means it is... "Bring your own *****" Ok to simplify that to more people it means if you want to have hard liquor like beer wine or scotch *** or ***** you must bring your own.

The cost of the party, if I would have paid for all the *****, would have been an extra $500. Especially here in Canada.

So that morning when I awoke after the party the only thing left was the cold *** of tea.

So I took a long glass of ice from the ice left over in the freezer. I poured the cold tea left over into the glass then added two packets of cane sugar and to top it off I added a good healthy 2oz shot of Smirnoff ***** that was left over from my party.

I lay there on my sofa naked sipping on my cold drink. I was rubbing the cold glass on my head and wondering what everyone is going to say on Monday morning.
Jan 19 · 151
The jungle
David Huggett Jan 19
The jungle is a fascinating place.
Plants fight for space.

So many creatures both plant and animal.
Their own lives they consider the most valuable.

Plants look for a bit of sunshine.
Their growth looks like a shrine.

Animals fight for food and try not to get eaten alive.
The goal is to maintain the species and just survive.

You will not find protests nothing ever grumbles.
There is a stable balance here in the jungle.

Until humans arrive.
Sep 2018 · 116
Is the internet broken?
David Huggett Sep 2018
Is the internet broken because all I seem to get are people ******* and moaning about their pathetic lives.

Yes it must be broken because people only post when they want to get high.

Oh wait let me look outside. People are walking, people are talking to one another. People are doing what people are meant to do.

Its not the internet that is broken, its the people using it that are broken.
Sep 2018 · 238
At the Bar
David Huggett Sep 2018
Me and the Hawk are poor poets. We also are or were somewhat hopeless drinkers. He'd get mad at me just because I liked to laugh. The bar scene was no place for mirth when Hawk had the blues.

So I show him my poem...

Full of  mirth

What is it worth
A smile that beguiles
That is worth while
Joke and laugh
Whole or half (giggle)
Can't you try to see
Better than quivery misery
Yes a belly laugh
Whole or half
Makes you feel so free.

Hawk says, "Humph." He shows me his poem as Hawk is a bit of a writer too.

The Worth Of My Birth

The worth of my birth
Means nothing to me
I have wasted time
And not done a good job
Of living & loving
It all weighs so heavy
On my tortured mind

I close with the poem EXPECTATIONS...

Expectations are the greatest things
They fool you. They rule you.
You live for the next time
To be sublime in the knowledge
You've done well
Those pitfalls that prey on your past
Will never last
If you achieve and believe
I can do this again.

Hawk and me smile and drink our drinks.
Credit to Original Just George
Jul 2018 · 107
At Exhibition Park
David Huggett Jul 2018
Like I said before, I was into gambling. Betting on horses, football games, baseball, hockey, even pro wrestling. You name it, I'd bet on it. I'd make so many bets in a period of time, that I often lose track of whether I was winning or losing. I guess it was the thrill of making a prediction. Hawk, on the other hand, was much more tight-****** with his money. There were two reasons for this. Hawk was of Scottish ancestry. This may offend some, but it made him wise in the knowledge that a penny saved was a penny earned. Also, Hawk grew up on, while I wouldn't say, the poor side of town, I would definitely say, on the modest income side of town.
We were at the old Exhibition Park, now the multi-million dollar Queensbury Downs, an ultra-modern, magnificent edifice. Exhibition Park was a rickety old place, really a disgrace in its later years. Believe me, it had many, many years.
Anyway, the nags were running one night and Werewilf and I decided to try to make some money; Werewilf thought of himself as some kind of horsey guru, but he had the odd good insight that I would sometimes cash in on. The evenings winning was progressing as usual. Werewilf hit a winner on the Daily Double and made enough to double his bets on the rest of the races. I was donating to the upkeep of the barns and the jockeys wages. I maintain that I had a part in building the new Queensbury Downs.
After the seventh race admission was free.
That is when Hawk showed up. He would spend his admission money on the last three races. The eighth and ninth races were a bust for all of us. The final race was going to be the saving grace for me and the Hawk, and Werewilf was definitely buying drinks at the curling club later.
Hawk and I looked at the horses and saw a big old grey that looked pretty good. The odds were favorable on Grey Goose, so I place my bets across the board. Hawk bet him to place. Werewilf had money on the horse as well, so it looked like a shoo-in. We were all tensed up in anticipation for the race as the horses were at the post.
"They're off!" the track announcer blared over the loudspeaker. Grey Goose cantered out of the gate and was so far behind at the quarter that he had no hope of placing. "How about an eight-horse pileup!" Hawk yelled. Forget if Hawk, this was horses, not cars. It wasn't a good thing to hope for anyway.
The rest of the pack reached the half when it became evident that Grey Goose had to let go of a load of horse buns. The laughter from the stands echoed throughout the place. Hawk seemed to take the whole scene as a personal insult. The race was over. Grey Goose finished what he had to do and came in dead last.
Hawk said, "I just paid two dollars to watch a horse have is a daily dump! I'll never bet on a horse again!" Wilf and I thought the whole thing was hilarious and considered it money well spent.
Later we met Moneybags at the Regina Curling Club in the exhibition grounds. Hawk was still grumbling about his two dollars. Moneybags was at the races too and thought what had happened with Grey Goose was very amusing, even though he had money on the horse too. Hawk was still grumbling. Moneybags accused Hawk of having Rectinitus. "What the hell is Rectinitus?" we all wondered.
Moneybags, low key, said, "Rectinitus is a medical term. It occurs when your ****** is connected to your optic nerve, culminating in a ****** outlook on life. But don't worry Hawk, It's very rarely fatal."
Republished from "Ghosts in my closet" George Merle 1947-2014
May 2018 · 136
It is 2am
David Huggett May 2018
It is 2am and I am finally feeling sleepy
Dream will soon inflow and they are very creepy

I break out in a sweat.
I fear I'm in debt.

It's not real but I can't help what I feel.
It's only a dream and not an endless wheel.

I once was  the cream of the crop.
No I am being arrested by a cop.

I reach under the bed for a drink.
It really isn't what you think.

Monday we play at One.
Bruce has a court and its done.

I look back at these times
I fear we will will not climb.

Thank you for reading and being there you are trooper for being there.
Apr 2018 · 131
What have I done today
David Huggett Apr 2018
Never before in the history of humanity.

Has entire generation filmed so much insanity.

Can we pick up an axe and chop some wood.

Can we fix a leaking pipe and do some good.

Never before this entire generation.

Have filmed everything just short of castration.

You see someone on fire.

You only stand there and just admire.

You whip out your cell phone.

Or maybe record it with a drone.

Never before in the history of humanity has a entire generation so diligently filmed themselves accomplishing so very little.
Jan 2018 · 159
Tennis at the LTC:
David Huggett Jan 2018
All summer we play tennis with friends

On sunny  days  that we hope have no ends

At the LTC  in the heart of the park

Where many players like you have left their mark

Its not the score nor the one who swore

That  encourages us to play more , until our muscles are sore

So Lets play tennis

As we won’t cause a menace

We'll play all day

Starting in May

We will focus on returns

So we don’t get the burns

As for the serve

It will take some nerve

Remember most swing in a hurry  

So it’s the volleys that should worry

And lets have no lobs unless we're old

Or too young to be told

As for the seniors, we won’t play at night

As we can’t see to fight

We'll play at noon

And create a big boon

Throughout  the season where we love it all

Just for the chance to whack  that wily yellow ball
Credit goes to Noreen
Jan 2018 · 162
Tennis poetry
David Huggett Jan 2018
There once was a great player named Tom
who hit every shot like a bomb
the forehand was a Grenade
and needed no aid
The backhand was nuclear
and always particular
The volleys shot like an arrow
and stung like it, hit your bone marrow
But his smash was the stash
and you wouldn't want its lash
So let's hear it for Chadwick
the man  who's game is so madwick!
Madwick in Tunisia means powerful and thunderous or so I am told.
And also please note its a balmy minus whatever but we don't get any sunburn or do we need expensive sunscreen.  
Looking forward to seeing Tom's thunderous and powerful shots maybe it will warm things up here!
Credit goes to Terry T.
Jan 2018 · 135
David Huggett Jan 2018
On Tuesday we all wound up at aunt Mary's house for a hearty fill of tea and crumpets and of course our favorite fill her delicious tide pod recipe.
Oct 2017 · 147
I like you a lot
David Huggett Oct 2017
I like you a lot yes I do, but I like you at a distance.
You know my name , you lookout up my number and address.
But I stay here and you stay there.
I wish you all the best in finding the big fish, but I am not the one. You are sadly mistaken.
I have been dragged through the court system already with, alimony child support and custody decisions by others.
Even tho I was exonerated, it left me with a foul advent of all human nature.
I am tired of lawyers, I am tired of courts I am tired of relationships. Sometimes I wish I was born *** so this never would have happened. I wish you well but you and I will never happen.
David Huggett Feb 2017
My friend is my mobile device, Apple is my brand
Where I can see the world in the palm of my hand.

It goes where I go.
It is my cargo.

I Twitter if I need news.
I periscope if I get the blues.

To find great pictures I use Instagram.
Whatever you do don't send me spam.

And on snap chat please like comment and share
you can do something risque if you dare.

Oh and don't forget to follow friend and subscribe.
But for you I will not circumscribe.

I have no time for verbal conversation
I must check my Facebook notifications.

everyone loves me on all of my channels.
I could teach every one how to ride a camel.

And when I'm hungry I check out Yelp and Foursquare.
So I can find only the best restaurants I swear.

I have the menu before I arrive.
I see so many people who are deprived.

No one can argue their point with me.
Because I will google it Bing it or Yahoo all three.

If you make a post on Facebook don't make me catch you in a lie.
I will check Snopes, Hoaxes and Truth or fiction I'm not shy.
Mar 2016 · 494
Office gossip
David Huggett Mar 2016
So I was talking to this older woman the other day
She had just retired after working for 40 years at a successful job.

So I asked her: After working for 40 years what is your tribute to success.

She said: You have to know what people to avoid.

I asked her: What do you mean.

She said: First you need to know the Men who want to be your friend, and friend only. Make them your friend.

I asked her: What about the men to avoid.

She said: The men that touch and grab, because most of them are married.

I asked her: What about the women.

She said: Avoid the *******.

I asked her: What do you mean.

She said: The ones that want to know everything about you and talk about you behind your back and create office gossip.

I asked her: And only women do that.

She said: Yes, but sometimes men..... the touch feely guys.
Feb 2016 · 564
I curse the sun.
David Huggett Feb 2016
I curse the sun when it shines into my room and wakes me from the nightmare in my life.

Oh how I wish it was cloudy cold windy and damp.

The sun I have cursed all of my life, the less I see of thee, the more evil I feel. I feel strong when I am evil and weak when I am good.

I love to see dead things, dead leaves dead weeds and dead flowers, they seem more natural and longer lasting.

The moon is my friend when the cursed sun is gone. The moon has many faces so I can never get tired of looking at the moon.

You may say who is this fool that talks such nonsense.

I am not a fool,... I am this monster that lives under your bed.
also on youtube
David Huggett Jan 2016
How well do you know your Facebook friends.

For the six family members, I am glad to have them as my Facebook friends.

For the twenty nine people I have met and known for more than ten years that don't include family thank you for old memories that never die.

To the four people I have worked with and the things that have changed over time.

To the six of my internet friends I have actually met with, it would never have happen if not for social media.

To the ninety two internet friends I have never met, for some reason social media have us connected.

To the eight people who share my same last name (birth last name) it is great to see you here.

To the fifty two people in Canada not including family, go Canada.

To the three people from Ireland

To the six people from England

To the 8 people from Australia

My dearly beloved friend from New Zealand I will always remember our times and adventures in Auckland, rest in peace my friend.

To all my forty five American friends you tip the scales as the cream of the crop.

My three Europe/Asia friends I know you are not many but I know who you are.

And to the one who who somehow fits into so many of my silly little classifications thank you for being my Facebook friend.
Jan 2016 · 437
Fast track to the future
David Huggett Jan 2016
I just received some very important information
I am not inclined to reveal my sources.
What it is, is a fast track to the future.

It reveals your life pattern and your successes and failures.
When you see it you will understand.

It allows you to avoid the undesirables in your life.
Sometimes the undesirables produce offspring.
You will have to decide when to cut the cord.

Fast track allows you to connect with the ones you will have long term relationships with.

This will allow you to see the future.
You will see the success and observe the future.

My sources are secret.
I wish I had this source when I was 16.

It seems so futile now.
I am almost 60 years old and I love my wife.
My son is a very bright person and has a lovely partner.

If I knew this back when I decided to take my life when I was 30 year old.
I would never have done it.

Lucky for me I was given a fast track to the future.
Nov 2015 · 410
Fetal position
David Huggett Nov 2015
When ever I feel disturbed or uncomfortable I follow these steps.

I fall to the ground and assume the fetal position.
It transports me to a time when my life was partioned.

All my ****** functions were on a support system.
Here I can do no wrong or be in completion.

I don't have to make choices
I don't have to love or hate
I don't even know of my own existence

I don't have dreams because I have not established any thoughts
I never get to hot or cold.

I don't know of a beginning or and end
or of time or how long.

I am not really sure if I am alive because I don't know what alive is.
Nov 2015 · 379
A Soldiers Prayer
David Huggett Nov 2015
The saffron glow of the great north sky,
The old grey wolf and his haunting cry,
The aspen, hemlock, the spruce and pine,
Cool winds that savour of sweet red wine
The raven, the eagle, the heron and hawk,
Soft green valleys and smooth white rock,
Eternal mountains, afire in the sun,
Don’t let me live by the sword and gun
The evening call of the lonely loon,
He adds his song to the owl’s sad tune,
Oh take me back to my green thorn tree,
Back to my earth just to live with thee.
Back to the rivers, the hills, the deer,
Surrender my knife, surrender my spear,
To walk once more in the cold white snow,
Living and learning and trying to grow.
Here in the mud, the blood, and the spew,
BAttle grounds silently mantled in dew,
Where lonely vigil of velvet night,
Reveals its sadness in dawn’s pale light.
Away from the terror, the death and the pain,
The sick, the wounded, the graves of the slain,
Oh how I long for my own dear shore
Beseeching the face of the one I adore
The honeysuckle, the hum of the bee
The trout, the pheasant, the Kokanee
The scream of the gull, and the nighthawk’s cry
Holy Creator, don’t let me die
But Lord, should I stumble in battle and fall
Hang my helmet in Heaven’s great hall,
And lay me quiet neath the Green thorn tree,
Caressed by the earth that once bore me.
The safron glow of the Great North Sky,
The old grey wolf and his haunting cry,
The aspen, hemlock, the spruce and pine,
Cool winds that savour of sweet red wine.
By Daveen Huggett
Sep 2015 · 411
Under cover Alien
David Huggett Sep 2015
I am an under cover Alien
I come from a land so far away it would blow your mind
I am here only for information

You would not understand in a million years
I am from similar DNA
Everything was planted here on earth like an experiment

We sent the drone with the seed
The seed was successful
And now you clam to be a human race

But now we observe from afar
Of this seed still so primitive from the source
You still have war, religion, cruelty and inequality.

We don't know how long it will take for you to understand
You are only an experiment just like a test tube
A combination of molecules and atoms
That have existed even before time

I am here on your so called planet
only to observe
but soon the decision will make things clear.

I am an under cover Alien I can make many forms
I can be human, dog, lion, or cow.
I transmit the information all the way back to the source.

To wipe this test tube clear
and start anew
or continue to let it fester and pollute the host.
Aug 2015 · 296
David Huggett Aug 2015
I am melancholy
Not depressed

I do not shout out to the world
Asking why why why.

I keep it in and to my self.

I avoid happy people.

They are the ones who cannot accept sad.
Sad is every where.
You turn on sad you walk on sad you see sad you hear sad.

It is sad that I cannot finish this.

Aug 2015 · 303
David Huggett Aug 2015
My first thoughts of the day
Belong only to you
Your beautiful
Your lost little girl expression
To hold you once in my bold arms
To kiss and meltaway your fears
To elevate your ebbed feelings with the
buoyancy of love
Spirits soaring
The sweet sunshine of your smile
To hear the music of your laughter
If only I possess the power
To make you learn
The beauty with others see in you
You girl
You sweet child
Let your beauty enjoy
Conquer the torture of the past
May your fears dissipate
May you regain the
knowledge of your loveliness
The self which is temporarily lost
Find it
Fall in love with it
As I have
As others have
Simply be your self and be as
beautiful as you are
Aug 2015 · 554
I am a Basket Case
David Huggett Aug 2015
I am a basket case
You may think
I'm kind of screwy
But simply because of this
You may think
I'm dangerously screwy
This is your biggest problem
Dealing with your silly fears
We've been struggling against
This very thing for...
Years and years and years.
We need a break
From your problems
We want you to let us go.
If we could just
Take our time
From time to time
And do things
Nice and slow
Jobs are one big problem
We all need work to do
Thank-you for your kindness
For we are humans too
We will never hurt you
We'll just -
Do and do and do
Jul 2015 · 468
One Eye Open
David Huggett Jul 2015
It's late at night
Is it here alone
I have the right
To think of the scores I've blown
I'll bear in quiet what has been sone
A ****** riot
It was no fun.
I think of the time I was a loser
When I could not rhyme
I was a ******.
Or the time I couldn't get the joke.
For the crime of having too many tokes
Life I'm afraid in my mind's eye
Like a hazy parade has passed me by
I knew it I insist but now it's lost
The world turns in its usual way
My mind sojourns to that foggy day
For I'm afraid it's kind of like a groping
Looking at the parade with one eye open.

But who cares what has happened in the past
For now my thoughts are coming fast
And I reall do have to wonder.
If the anesthetic was such a blunder.
For the world is too much to take at one time
The city awaits people are full of crime
Man's inhumanity to man is prevalent

I can't think of one thought that is benevolent
So I'll just slow down this runaway train
That happens to be my brain
Sometimes my thoughts are less than kind
Such are the workings of my mind
So to be sure I'll take the cure
With which I'm really hoping
Forgive me for saying this
The world is sometimes easier to take
With only one eye open.
Jul 2015 · 411
His name was George
David Huggett Jul 2015
I met a man in 2007 and his name was George
Out side the liquor store he sang songs he loved

I remember his face from another place
He was gentle and kind
He liked to get high

We struck up a friendship
He would talk sing and quote poetry
I would aim my cameras and be quite knowingly

He would always invite me for the game.
The Riders were always part of his fame.
Things were always good at the Merle Household

We made videos on youtube.
George liked his fame on the tube.
His favourite was Cheeche and Chong and Daves not here.

It has been a year now since George passed away.
I miss you George.

I often read your poetry I even post it on line.
I hope you don't object to that.
George yes you were divine.
May 2014 · 535
The old Alien
David Huggett May 2014
I met an old Alien on one cold November day
His skin was green and had blood shot eyes and his hair was all grey.

His space ship crashed in my back yard.
He looked so forlorn and his space ship was completely charred.

He lost all his luggage and he had no clothes
On a cold winters evening he dam near froze.

I took him to my closet and showed him all my a tire.
He picked out my cocktail shirt, his looks were now on fire.

I took him out to dinner one night and everyone had to stop and stare.
He was an item in their lives that they considered very rare.

His habitat is in my basement, where he constructed a cocoon.
He also spent many hours on my porch gazing at the moon.

He did not speak or make sounds, he only used his eyes.
He would often try to point and explain the skies.

Then one day his friends all came to take him back home.
Their space ship was amazing like Frisbee made of chrome.

I saw in his eyes that he was happy and also sad.
He gave me a final strange salute that today it makes me glad.

I often wonder to this day as I look into the sky.
If he was really a he or she, because she was very shy.
Watch on vimeo
Mar 2014 · 327
Awkward moment
David Huggett Mar 2014
You are young and clothed in leather
I was old and feeling awkward
I did not like that they left us together

I saw the scar and wondered how
but I shut my mouth, I am not your stalker
you are not that pretty in fact you are kind of a cow

I want to just leave, I see you cannot talk
I just want to say I want other things
Things that make me feel I just want to walk

I hope we can just not interact
I wish you all the luck in your endeavours
I will make sure there is no more interaction

I am trying to find you
so I can block and delete you
I am trying to figure how we ever became friends.

This is the end of all ends.
Jan 2014 · 1.1k
The loser
David Huggett Jan 2014
I slept with a chick the other night
only because she needed a place to stay
she figured she owed me but it didn't feel right.

Of course she faked the enjoyment
and of course I feel like she was just a roll in the hay
She thanks me and then blames it on her unemployment.

We would have been better off reciting poetry
and sipping on martinis with gin from Bombay
But between the two of us there was no chemistry.

I try to remember her name
and I try the worst attempt at convincing her to stay
But it sounded extremely lame.

She put all her clothes together in her backpack
and her flight took off with no delay
I have no luck she will ever come back.

So now I go to facebook to see her status and what do I see
and I knew that this would sound like a play
so now she just unfriended  and blocked me
David Huggett Oct 2013
What every one does not realize.

Don’t worry, nobody is “quote” special.

No one has a great ability. Just a method of deception, and a unique way of hiding it.

No one has a wonderful or beautiful talent. We all have something unique but some of us just have not found it yet.

If you read this and think it is something unique, well I am sorry to say it is not.

Most intelligence comes from a copy. A copy of a copy.

An improvement to the copy.

Never ever think that you are useless, because the world is filled with billions of people, and we are all different.

Yes of coarse we have had some of us stand up in history, but there are no heroes and no super stars.

Just please believe me. Just worship yourself.
David Huggett Sep 2013
Dear David, you may not know me but I know you very well. Does 1957 ring a bell.

I have been given this opportunity to contact you through some sort of portal that has opened up, which allows communication to the past. For example I know your deepest secrets. I know the first girl you had a crush on, it was Andrea, do you remember her, of coarse you do. Later on in high school you had a fondness to a girl named Lisa. You were always to shy to make any approaches to these girls, but still remember them in your youth. You will grow to be a strong man and will enjoy sport and the outdoors and maybe a little to much to drink. I should know. You will graduate from college in 1979 and move away from home to seek employment that pays you well. You will meet your wife here in this new place you will call home. You will soon be a father. David things will go wrong from here. I am sorry to say. Your house will no longer be yours, you will be like an outsider your wife will seek divorce custody of your son and maintenance on top of that. Just remember although you will feel like giving up on life all you need to do is just take it day by day, you have friends to talk to they will help. Your family understand the situation. You have your job and the strongest foundation. You will fight, and you will win. David you will also meet someone new she will care for you more than  anyone else has at this point in time you will have a wealth of knowledge. This wealth will be tested time and time again by the ignorant and snake oil sellers. You will have peace again once more. I am you best friend,,,,, I am you in 2013
May 2013 · 516
Johnny Cash'es shoe
David Huggett May 2013
The concert was
July 27, 1980
I attended the concert with
My good friend Garth
but sadly Garth and Johnny have
passed on
someone else has the other shoe
but I really don't know who
I do remember July 27, 1980
I didn't steal the shoe,
it was given to me.
Apr 2013 · 357
I am going there very fast
David Huggett Apr 2013
Well I don't know where I am going now
but I am going there very fast.

My money is slipping out my hand
and things look better in the past.

Hold on girl you might not want to
come along because this thing I am on may not last.

I had a dream last night, and I want to go back
Yes I want to go back to the past.

Life was simple way back then everyone was such a ******

Once I said goodbye to the people of my eye
I began to wonder how I wound up here.
Apr 2013 · 434
Fear me
David Huggett Apr 2013
Fear succumbs you're mind
Takes over everyone of your thoughts in time

Leaving you there to fear, you run
Fear makes you carry a loaded gun

You feel your heart pumping in your veins
Wrapping you up in its heavy chains

Fear takes its course
It over comes you with its force

Fear of something new
With little hope for very few

Take heed and find a place to hide
For now you must swallow your pride
Apr 2013 · 7.9k
The Earth Speaks
David Huggett Apr 2013
I woke up this morning and I was tired.

what was I tired of....

I was tired of waste




global warming

ozone depletion













green house gasses



I am so tired of being tired.

I am a planet that is tired,

it is time to rid myself...... of the human race.

I am the earth I am alive,

and the human race is a parasite.
Apr 2013 · 603
David Huggett Apr 2013
I had the chance to stay alive
we ran but, I fell twice
I didn't see the one lurking at the end of my drive

It was an old one an surprised me completely
my hand went up to stop the teeth
but it sunk down on my wrist ever so quickly

I got away but now I greatly fear
that the virus will spread
maybe by a freak chance I will be free and clear

should I tell the others I start to wonder
I know if it was me I would shoot them in the head
But I am so embarrassed by my total blunder

If I lay and wait I could endanger the others
It will creep up on me and spread
My people are close we are like brothers

My life would have been saved with an amputation
My indecision has my life hanging from a thread
Now I live in total frustration.

I need to get a gun to end it all
or some way to successfully behead
right now I am up against a wall
Apr 2013 · 601
Hell bound
David Huggett Apr 2013
Right now I am hell bound on a midnight train
My soul feels extreme drain

Man standing watch in his hand
This is not what I had planned

I cry in dark, so you can't see my tears.
I hide in the light, so you can't see my fears.

Take a last look lady, yes hard and long
**** if I will ever write this in a song

Hellbound Train driving slow
Move on down to the Hell below

Conductor please won't you lend a hand?
I know this will be my final stand.

Hellbound Train why can't you turn back
Moving down I only see the track

Love and pain become one and the same
my eyes close now so as not to see the shame

I never wanted to pay for your love
Now I wish I had believed in a god above

But would it have saved my soul
I doubt it so go ahead and shovel on more coal.
Apr 2013 · 1.9k
Dam it Dam it Dam it.
David Huggett Apr 2013
Why can't we free ourselves
it lingers over us like a beast and stunts our growth

I'll make my way before you leave anyway

Thinking back to where you once stood
You never tried to make our house a home
I'll find my place among the graves stones and wilting flowers

today is the day I will make my statement
before I even had the chance, and make a happy life.
Jan 2013 · 388
Going there fast
David Huggett Jan 2013
Well I don't know where I am going now
but I am going there very fast.

My money is slipping out my hand
and things look better in the past.

Hold on girl you might not want to
come along because this thing I am on may not last.

I had a dream last night, and I want to go back
Yes I don't like what I see in the looking glass.

Life was simple way back then everyone was such a ******
I don't like this feeling, I feel like such an ***.
Nov 2012 · 1.1k
Average day today
David Huggett Nov 2012
I had an average day today
It was not something I thought would stay

I got my self off the boose
and with the gambling machines,  I will no longer loose

I seem to be addicted to everything
***, boose gambling those things I want to cling

I want my life back the way it used to be
I have people in my life that will not flee

Can you believe I am not talking *******
Or do you think I just want another hit.

Don't hang around just because you see
the ******* I really am, and you want to set me free.
Nov 2012 · 2.9k
Big dumb Mike
David Huggett Nov 2012
I was sitting in the chat, with big dumb Mike
he showed us his mask, it was a terrible site

Boston Chickie was quiet and subdued
, Shelby, Cindy, Katie, Rachel, kind of set the mood

Ciggy came into the chat with his well well well
And Steve replayed to Ciggy you look like you are from hell

Raven had beautiful eyes and lips of wonder
Wolf Bracker was downing the sauce like a pirate in plunder

Tucker zone he was there as well
and Romeo, Ken, Robert and Al we all came out of our shell
Nov 2012 · 1.4k
The kiss
David Huggett Nov 2012
Our faces were aligned
we look into each others eyes
I paused for a moment

I moved in and touched
your lips with mine
I moved back
to look into your eyes

you looked at me and smiled
I moved in for a repeat
you moved your head slightly sideways
and closed your eyes

I moved in and and your arms
brought me in with even more confirmation
our mouths now lock and open

we explore with our tongs
eyes closed as if we are floating
we both realize we forgot to breath
we somehow find a rhythm

we both never want it to end
but we know this pleasure means
something more is to come

We come to a fade
now our eyes wide open
we look at each other an pause
and smile with enjoyment

I don't know what to say
and you can't think
we touch just hands now

you move to the door so slowly
and say goodnight
I just stand there and watch as you fade
from my sight.
Nov 2012 · 4.0k
I was called a Troll today.
David Huggett Nov 2012
I was called a troll today,
I really don't know if I deserved it.
I comment and like but now I feel like ****.

She said I'm sure you never thought I would leave your comment up.
I'm doing so , so that every body can see you this far

So sorry they didn't nominate your *** for the Grand WIZARD
BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME ***** go crawl like a lizard.

Sorry for this old troll who pay me a visit,
I know some of yall saw him...Lord Have Mercy...
Go to the activity room in the nursing home somewhere in Jersey.

Play BINGO OR SOMETHING don't know what gramps problem was
I think they did it to make you think it is someone
you don't know. Stupid *** people need a real woman

I just do not reply back.
Trolls can make themselves any age any ***
I am blessed not to be sick and homeless.

if they really want views all they have to do is ask
will I help out and share their vid...I will do just that!
depends on what they're talking about....Just dont try to combat.

My guess is Trolls are people looking for views and are bighearted
next time you should think before you sound *******
Oct 2012 · 787
My Bully
David Huggett Oct 2012
Yes when I was young at the age of sixteen I had a bully
but It was not something that really disturbed me fully,
but still remember today.

I was not the only one that was bullied, but 40 years later
makes me still wonder, how the others felt greater
I still struggle today.

If he is alive now.
I can't explain how.
My friends always wondered why I did not stick up for myself,
I always wondered to. I seemed to have put it on the shelf.
Oct 2012 · 2.7k
David Huggett Oct 2012
Broken hearts in pieces on the floor
Then came the slamming of the door.
He didn't even say goodbye.
She felt the emptiness and started to cry.

It's a modern story often told.
Love's burning embers had grown cold.
The fruit of love withered and died.
He put his head in his hands and cried.

Once together they were now alone.
The once proud house was not a home.
The hearts once entwined grew apart.
Neither wanted to look for a brand new start.

He found new love - it wasn't easy.
Then she sent the Decree Nisi.
It was a matter of due course.
The happy marriage ended in divorce.

The world turned in its usual way.
The sun dawned on a brand new day.
the air smelled sweet with fresh clover.
But two lovers cried it's over, it's over.
printed with permission from OriginalJustGeorge
Oct 2012 · 6.5k
David Huggett Oct 2012
I miss Lydia I lost her from my side
I wanted so much for her to be my bride
now I feel so lost

She told me she was my sword and shield
I took her with me across many a field
but now I pay the cost.

I need her by my side she fought so well
from the Draugr, Bandits, the Forsworn and Dragons I cast many a spell
she held me very tight at nights so that she could defrost.

Lydia Lydia Lydia I call you're name
why am I so heart broken it's just a game.
I am now heavily laden items must get tossed

I might have to start this game anew
but that would make me feel so blue
I made it to Whiterun and the forest I crossed

I searched and searched for you as far as Markarth
when will you join me once more and satisfy my heart
I have come to a final point and feel extreme exhaust.
Oct 2012 · 926
Google chat
David Huggett Oct 2012
I wish I was there back then
I saw the video you made with Ben

I loved the jokes
and the faces of all the folks

My web cam was broken
but I listened in on all the words that were spoken

My computer is in need of updating
So I call Bestbuy and get stuck on call waiting.

I could not help to wonder
What am I going to do when I go the the land down under.

I wish I could wave a magic wand so things would not worsen
I would have everyone in the chat right here in person.

Please be online again tomorrow night
and I'll be here with my ***** and sprite.
Oct 2012 · 5.3k
At the Waterfall
David Huggett Oct 2012
At the edge of the Waterfall
My motor gone the boat drifted faster and faster.
At the edge of the waterfall as I approached the falls
helpless hopeless I thought of my life subsiding
to words and no friend message or hopes to send my life
summed to press me quickly but no time for tears in my eye
I am afraid for soon I may die.
But what the hell I lived a good life everything
I wanted with very little strife.
What may lie at the bottom of the falls as I drift closer to the edge.
The tension grows it may all soon an I suppose
I think back to a time when everything was so sublime
and peaceful and free.
I know its time so please lord take me
I will be pleased to meet you and gaze upon
your face I will know that I with your heavenly grace.
So over the edge I fall and fall and fall.
I thank you lord it is over That's all.
So the paramedic says you're lucky to be alive so somethings
glimmers inside my head with St Peter Jesus and God
I'd be better off dead.
For I have a broken pelvis and life will be full of pain.
So St Peter Jesus and God do look fine.
Check with me at a later date, some other time.

to see the video
Oct 2012 · 5.1k
The Broken Heart
David Huggett Oct 2012
I'm going to be a hermit
And hide my life from view
Get my act together
Maybe start anew

Good morning will be the sunrise
Sunset will be goodnight
Maybe I'll work it out
Hope I'll be alright

The birds will sing their song to me
My heart may fill again
Skies fill with their dark clouds
It begins to rain

The rain will hide the tears I cry
And bathe my weary soul
This heart could be once more

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