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Oct 2016
The beginning.
I guess this is where this tragedy that was once a beautiful dream, started.
The first day she seen his handsome face,
She knew he was the one.
Going through things with her X,
She was dealing with a broken soul.
She didn't want to love again,
Until she met him.

Until she met him...
The way he opened up that one night,
The way she felt when she seen his face,
Knew he was coming,
And when he was going home.

The way his dark browns eyes sparkle,
When she would stare at them so deeply,
Something she adored doing every night.
It was her content place.

Fast forward to the night,
They shared each other.
At this moment she knew her heart wouldn't be able to comprehend what she knows it'll do.
She fell deeper,
And deeper.

She was scared,
She had falling to deep.
Questions like,
What if I am too much to handle.
What if he'll leave.
What if he uses me for ***,
Like the last one did..

Months pass by,
Everything was great.
Smiles on his face,
Smiles on her face.
She felt the love.


They were crashing,
He's trying to understand what's going on,
He didn't understand her.
She was too complicated,
A little crazy,
But he loved her.
Hense the word loved,
As in he loved her,
But the love he had for her,
Was once leaving,
She knew it.
She couldn't fight it.

Why didn't she fight it?


She did not want to see the man she loved suffer any longer.
She knew,
He'll walk away.
She knew deep in her heart.
She couldn't take it.
She was angry,
She was hurt,
She couldn't speak.
He didn't know.
She never spoke about the pain she felt within her heart,
Because she knew..


The wind was blowing harder,
The tears were becoming stronger,
She felt her soul crashing to the ground,
But she loved him.
She knew she was too much,
She didn't understand why,
Why she stopped making him happy,
She didn't understand why she was bringing him so much pain.

She stopped feeling worth it.


She gave up.
She loved him.
She gaved up.
She loved him.
She gaved up.

He walked away..

Falling apart,
She found ways to cope with the pain,
She had relations with the man who loved her for her body.
She's sorry.


The last kiss.
That was when she knew that was the last night that he was once hers.
She held back her screams,
Her punches,
Her screams,


She wished she could fix the broken connection she had created.
The reason why he felt the need to walk away.

She wish she knew why she had done such a poorly job of loving the man who loved her more than any man has ever done.

She wish she knew why she wasn't no longer worth the fight.

She wish she knew what she could of done to still have him in her arms.


She is the tornado.
But she loved him.
As she slits her area of hidden,
Deeper with the pain she has caused,
Marie Love
Written by
Marie Love  Ocean State
(Ocean State)   
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