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Oct 2016
The pain in her chest,
She feels his hands on her flesh,
Words being spoken,
but no one notices,
Face being pressed against her pillow,
Hoping she'll stop losing air,
And stop breathing.
She speaks to the man above,
Yelling please remove this sudden rush that is going through her body,
Water already flowing,
She is already chin deep,
Wanted to feel wanted,
Be held,
She's so confused,
Memories of that one night,
She wasn't amused,
She couldn't of chosen you,
She went into the wrong shoes,
Showed up at his door,
Started to take it off,
He gently unstrapped her bra,
They tied together like roots,
She laid there..

And she laid there..
laid there some more..
she knew.
she knew she was weak,
But this weak,
Wasn't just any weak,
How could of this had happened to she,
She laid there..

She felt the rush,
She was stuck,
She hurried to put her clothes on,
She stood there..
and she stood there some more..

*** was the symbol she had emotionally imprinted on her heart,
The only way, they seen her,
Was if they looked at her heart,
Seen nothing but a naked body,
So she could feel loved once again,
She stood there..
and she stood there some more..

How could It be,
The women I knew so **** well,
Was turning into mold,
Collecting dust,
She's going unnoticed,
Who is she,
Standing before me,
Who is she.
She stood there..
And she stood there some more...
Marie Love
Written by
Marie Love  Ocean State
(Ocean State)   
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