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Oct 2016
Never felt beautiful in her own skin,
She find ways,
To make her look like them.
The girls he adored,
The girls he prefered.
She drinks her shakes,
Checks how much she weighs,
Each day, to see if she gained or lost weight.
Hoping for more of this and less of that,
Flatter tummy,
Bigger ***.
But is appearance really that important?
Questions being asked to herself,
As she's on the machines,
Staring at the mirror,
Seeing fat, and guts,
When really she weighs nothing..
118 pounds,
She weighs nothing..
Feeling beautiful,
So her own,
Can look at her,
And make her feel beautiful,
And not looks others,
And wishing that she looked like that,
Those girls with much more.
Her skin becoming different,
She's not looking the same,
She sees it in her face,
But too her it's beauty,
And with beauty comes pain,
At least that's what she says.
So Who am I to stop her,
She already has her eyes on they.
Marie Love
Written by
Marie Love  Ocean State
(Ocean State)   
   Adelle Stone
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