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Oct 2016
no...not again
It is going to take my weekend away
(when I saw the bunch of papers in front of me)
Glancing at the calendar
The promotion date is creeping towards me

It's late I must leave
Stuffed papers in my bag,
Hurried to leave
If I'll miss the train...I need to wait a lot

Took out a clutcher to bun up my hair,
THUMP.! It slipped from my hands
It broke....ah!..let it be.

With fast paced steps ,
I walked towards the station
Was it anger
Was it anguish
Or was I afraid of something?
My heart was jumping

Yes, I caught the train
I need not wait
Checked time...Anna is waiting
Anna. Oh no her medicines!

I need to get down the next station
My poor girl, my poor niece
She is in pain
Leukemia is killing her..

Searching for my wallet in my bag
I flicked my hair ,
Looked up
Oh what a charming face
He look smart, don't he?

Shut up head!..
You got things to do
No love..not love
But he passed a smile
I won't smile back, I won't
**** ! I smiled.

Don't stare him ,no..
Oh! He is coming near me
Am I blushing?..let me check my phone
Noo ! ,don't sit near me
I may end up kissing you!

You said hi,
Your voice is attractive!
I replied.. a hi..

****, I missed two stations
Anna's medicines!
I need to leave him.
My priority is her
I'll meet you in my dreams perhaps

I jumped out of the train
Ran to the medical store,

Oh! A toy shop
Anna loves bears
She might be angry now
I'll buy her a big one
It's expensive
Maybe after the promotion..

I am hell late!
Maybe chocolates will do
Yes,she loves chocolates

Let me call her
Which one she likes??
**** my phone is dead!
It's dark now
I better run home

Why are people crowding
In front of my home?
God! Anna
Is she okay?

Why there is an ambulance?
I ran harder
My heart is in my mouth
I am shivering
I may fall

Let me in ..
Oh no..Anna

No medicines , no chocolates
Can make her healthier..happier now
She is in a better world now
Her organs failed
She passed

I am alone
No tears, no screams
Can make her come to me again
My phone had twenty missed calls in it
(Of that night when my phone was dead)

I didn't complete my assignment
But it took away my weekend surely

10 days later,

I am promoted
She is buried

I bought a teddy bear
The big one
I named it Anna
Maybe I killed her
Written by
Anna  Noida
     Anna, Lady RF - Rosalie Fayad, ---, ---, --- and 8 others
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