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Feb 2012
I deserve this anguish on my house.
It was late.
He was stalking the ruffling.
Her skin was pale,
her dress was red, and she was shuffling.
The cobblestones rose and fell
like waves.
His eyes as deep as oceans,
his eyes as dark as caves.
She ran. She ran. She cried.
He loved. He loved. He lied.
And when at last his strong hands
crushed the life from her throat,
he stood, he gazed,
and he brushed off his coat.
The satisfaction never came.
Things would never be the same.
Forever in the fray, forever apart and away...
I looked down from the balcony that night,
and, gods help me, I stayed. I stayed.
Ashley Lynn LeBlanc
Written by
Ashley Lynn LeBlanc
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