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Sep 2016

I was in a meeting, the boardroom was full
testosterone flowed everywhere
Dressed in a polo, but high dollar suits
were what the execs chose to wear

I sat at the end, with a chair next to me,
where no one decided to sit
Feeling quite weird, I was new to this place
and wondered if I’d be a fit

Them in their ties and me underdressed,
my khakis were old, kind of thin
Button down shirts and cuff links of gold
I guess there’s no chance I’ll fit in

A half hour gone, bored out of my mind,
when I couldn’t believe what I saw
A beautiful woman, a pant suit of silk,
came in from out there in the hall

Her hair chocolate brown with eyes just the same,
she rushed as she looked for a seat
Then sat in the chair, I was happy to share,
now this was a wonderful treat

She said, “**** I’m late, I forgot to stop
and look at my schedule last night”
I said, “That’s okay, they’ve not much to say
I’m sure that it will be alright”

We sat there a while, I stared at her smile,
just hoping she wouldn’t catch me
When then she stood up, it was her time to talk
my god, she was smart, I could see

A room full of men, one amazing woman
and she put them all in their place
Yes, she knew her stuff and I was impressed
but the board, oh the look on their face

They grumbled and groaned and snorted a bit,
but knew today something they learned
I laughed deep inside, when one then stood up
and said to us “meeting adjourned”

I said, “You were great, even though you were late,
and you look so good in that suit”
She said, “Thanks so much, I’m glad you approve
and by the way I think you’re cute”

I got up the nerve and asked her if she’d
like to join me for coffee or tea
She said, “That sounds nice, but I’d much prefer
a drink, sounds much better to me”

I said , “It’s a date and please don’t be late”
She giggled and flashed me a grin
It’s then that I knew, no worries at all,
this place I would surely fit in
Written by
Stephan  Camp Johnson Crossing NW
(Camp Johnson Crossing NW)   
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